Anthrax – For All Kings (Review)

Some albums are so OK you have to buy them twice.

Funnily enough, after reading an article about Anthrax’s Scott Ian (reportedly) behaving like an arsehole, I ended up going on a big Anthrax kick and buying another copy of their last album For All Kings. Goes to show all publicity is good publicity!

I wasn’t all that impressed by For All Kings when it was released back in 2016 but after hearing some of the songs live on the recent Kings Among Scotland release, I felt like revisiting it.  And ended up not only listening to it again but enjoying it enough to add the ‘Tour Edition’ to my collection (for its extra disc of demo versions). Some great tracks here like You Gotta Believe, Suzerain, Evil Twin and the title track. I’d prefer the sound to have more attack and I find songs like Breathing Lightning and This Battle Chose Us a bit too slick for comfort but, judged on its own merits as a We’ve Come For You All kinda album, it’s a solid and memorable release. Just don’t ask Scott Ian to sign it for you.

27 thoughts on “Anthrax – For All Kings (Review)”

      1. True everyone has their moments. Look at my encounter with Rando the Bass Player! HAHA…
        Running a Facebook page about someone being a twat is a funny read but kinda brutal at the same time…
        But it makes for a fun read..hahaha
        But Ian is human ..Who knows what the deal is….

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  1. 2018 is the 30th Anniversary of the last time I bought an Anthrax album which was the State of Euphoria album..
    Dunno why but I kinda tuned these guys out except for when you guys talk about it…
    My brother back in the day bought the Bush vocal albums I actually liked those ones..

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      1. Like I have said many times Scott is that there was so much music coming out all the time especially in the mid to late 80’s I would try and keep up with everything and if something didn’t knock my block off I would move on from it…
        Now even bands know that the reissue is the way 2 go…

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  2. By the way congrats on the being in the TOP 100 Metal Blog Sites!
    Just noticed that as I’m on your actual blog page and not responding via Reader!
    Awesome stuff Fella!
    Biff Byford and Steve Dawson’s ‘stache’ would be proud!
    Continued success!

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  3. Yas! Anthrax! I kinda like that tune… though I’m completely ignorant to a lot of their stuff. I do enjoy the compilation I have and The Greater of Two Evils thoroughly, though.

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