New Releases – 21st September 2018

It’s new release time. Let’s do this. UUGHH.

Voivod – The Wake

Got to hand it to Voivod, still credible and banging out highly-rated albums even after losing two original and important members. They’re not a big band for me but I still like checking out their stuff. Could be tempted to pick this up… deluxe edition also has a bonus disc with the Post Society EP and some live tracks too.

Dragonlord – Dominion

Testament’s Eric Peterson gets back on the happy black metal trail with his side project Dragonlord. Listened to a bit of it cause I’ve never heard them but I’m not that fussed. And I don’t even like Testament that much! Guess this isn’t really aimed at me… that cover though.

Classic rockers might want to check out the new releases from Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa and Slash but I think thats the lot for me this week. Until next time… UUGHH.

15 thoughts on “New Releases – 21st September 2018”

  1. That’s a helluva cover!

    Billy Gibbons’ album is pretty good. Gave that a listen during the first part of my commute and it woke me up. The other album for me this week is Sumac’s Love in Shadow (which might appeal to you on some level, so that’s my Friday recommendation for you).

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  2. CANCON Metal!
    Voi Vod is a band that is way over my head but I always dug that Pink Floyd cover that they did like when was it? 30 years ago?? haha.. I’m old and so is the VOD! Have to give Jason Newsted credit as he has always been behind these guys as well both in and out of the band…cool guy for doing that…
    Speaking of Newsted and that way over the top deluxe And Justice For All reissue…I’m going to do what I did for the Ride The lightening deluxe is pick one show, purchase and download it…
    I mean I got the vinyl of it and Really done’t know how much of the demo’s I would listen to…plus the price ..
    But one live show and the fact that they release shows from that era is worth it….

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      1. Is there such a thing as too much Metallica?

        I was in a record store in Toronto. The guy behind the counter did not agree with me that the Metallica boxsets were too expensive.

        It seems ridiculous to me that guys with net worth of 300 mil or so need more of my money. However, every 6 months or so I buy another Metallica item.

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    1. CANCAN Metal Rules!!!

      I saw Voivod a few years ago with King Parrot and Child Bite.

      The lads in those other bands were in awe of Voivod (as was I). Astronomy Domine as done live by Voivod is one song everyone needs to hear before they die. So, So Gooooood!!!!!

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