New Releases – 28th September 2018

New releases. That is why you are here.

Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind Of Horror

I was a big fan of AN’s last album The Whole Of The Law so I was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I wasn’t that fussed by new song Forward! so I decided to ignore all advance tracks and just wait to hear the album in full. It has put a wee dampener on my excitement though… but not enough to stop me buying it.

A Forest Of Stars – Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes

I first heard these Victorian black metal thespians in a documentary about the UK scene and I’ve wanted to get into them ever since. But so far, I want to like them more than I actually do. I’ve tried this new album and I still don’t quite get it. If you do get it then the handcrafted box edition looks very snazzy.

Horrendous – Idol

Modern death metal mavens Horrendous return with their fourth album. I’ve only heard their last album Anareta which was pretty good but got drowned out among all the other releases of the time. Might happen again with this one cause there’s so much coming out now. But we’ll see.

Cinderella – The Mercury Years

And last but certainly not least, the classic Cinderella studio albums get some long overdue reissue love. I’m not that familiar with the fourth album but the first three are golden. And there’s also bonus tracks on the albums and an extra disc of live tracks and B-sides. And all for just £20?! Ewwww! Ewwww yeah!

And that’s about the lot for this week. See you next week for more new release antics.

36 thoughts on “New Releases – 28th September 2018”

  1. Righto, that Anaal Nathrakh cover is pretty brilliant… so too is The Forest of Stars (though that’s a terrible name for a band that isn’t hanging out with the likes of Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran, and Keane).

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  2. Horrendous Idol sounds like the soundtrack for Simon Cowell’s newest show.

    I agree that I would prefer the Cinderella on vinyl, but like Scott I have them.

    I would buy them if they were in a boxset with bonus tracks and unreleased stuff. Maybe a photo book or something. However the price in this one seems fair.

    Just as a note, it seems the Amazon Canada site does not list the Cinderella set. I might wait a bit to see if it gets listed though (I like my free shipping)

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    1. For just 20 quid I think the Cinderella set is a Boaby Bargain! Or should that be Boppin Bargain?

      It’s got a full disc of live recordings and three of the albums have got some bonus tracks added on too. (Mainly single edits and similar). Got a booklet with photos and a biog too.

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  3. I went to 2 “metalish” shows this past week. Zeal & Ardor with Astronoid on Thursday and last night Monster Magnet with Electric Citizen and Dark Sky Choir.
    I bought music from them all. Plus ordered the new All Them Witches.
    I blew the proverbial load. Cinderella and others will have to wait.

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      1. The crowd sure was into it. Singing along and banging and banging their heads.

        I think they dropped off radar for a while too, but they were welcomed back due to their persistence to keep slugging it out.

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      2. I think I did sort of meet him once.
        I saw a flash of a guy running and dozens of semi naked women chasing him with lust in their eyes.
        It was either 1537 or the Dos Equis guy.
        Either way, most interesting.

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    1. I generally don’t. If I do I might listen to a song once or twice but that’s it. Like to just get the album and appreciate the whole thing fresh. Especially if it’s a band I know. If I’ve never heard the band before that might be a wee bit different.

      And patience we’ll rewarded. New AN album is ace!

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