Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (Review)

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (1980)

He was the lurking, shadowy menace on the cover of Iron Maiden’s first single Running Free and now wwoooaarghh… here’s Eddie! The band’s undying, murderous mascot was finally revealed in his full glory on the front of their self-titled debut album. His ghoulish presence amidst London’s grubby bins, doorways and streetlights perfectly evoking the rough, dangerous music on this NWOBHM classic. Iron Maiden sounds like it wants to jump you in an alleyway and cut your face. Gritty and aggressive tunes like Prowler, Transylvania and Iron Maiden taking the metal pioneered by Priest and Rainbow to a new level of raw intensity. And guided by bassist/songwriter/Genesis fan Steve Harris, there’s also plenty of ambition and excitement in the extended structures of tracks like the lucozade-powered Phantom Of The Opera. These days I gravitate to the Hendrix-y mellowness of Remember Tomorrow and Strange World but all the songs on this album have been a favourite at one point or another. The whole band impress but Paul Di’Anno’s raucous vocals and Harris’ forceful basslines deserve special mentions. The band members still whinge about the gnarly production but nobody else gives a flying fuck. Iron Maiden wants you for dead and if this album doesn’t get your blood flowing, you might as well be.

HMO Rating: 5 Out Of 5

38 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden (Review)”

  1. Brilliant review! One of those all-time greats with a band with no money at that time just going for the throat!
    Good call on the chillness of Remember Tomorow and Strange World. Harris flexing his writing muscle on that one!
    A good way to start the workday with a Maiden review HMO!

    Up The Irons!

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  2. Phenomenal album. Terrific review. I too lean towards the slower tracks in hindsight. DiAnno had a great voice. I would have liked more music from him that some of the ‘oh shit I left Iron Maiden’ stuff he put out afterwards. It’s got such bite this first album. You can’t hear Phantom without thinking Locozade can you?

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    1. What’s all this badmouthing here about me? I’d better read this site more often.
      Holen does it too, don’t forget

      But, actually, I give you shit for VLSOF. I consider Killers and this one to be pretty even, Killers having an edge maybe for more songs

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      1. I know. I actually don’t own one Iron Maiden album and I don’t know why. The songs I know, I really like. I plan on getting some albums, but there are so many it is a little intimidating. I was going to start with the 80’s stuff as that is all I really know.

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      1. Absolutely. I just can’t fault Paul’s vocals on his albums at all so I don’t like to do him down really. With Bruce you got a great singer but he was also a great front man and a writer too. He had more strings to his bow than Paul did

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      2. I’m kind of spotty with those since I haven’t spent much time most of them. I did really enjoy A Matter of Life and Death with “Brighter Than a Thousand Suns” being my favorite tune one it.

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      3. Oh yeah, Brave New World was the big comeback album. I like that one too. I have no excuse but I haven’t gotten to Book of Souls yet. Might be because I didn’t care too much for the one before that. I only gave it one or two spins though.

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  3. Cut my face!! Jeez. It’s that danger that’s kept me away from this one. Just cannae risk it.

    And they had a tune on a Lucozade ad?

    Anyhoo, in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever heard those two early Maiden albums. Or at least I’m not familiar with them if I have. Yir review suggests that’s my bad. I’ll get to them.

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      1. Cannae get it working on the phone (working a few hours today, so reading via the reader). I mind the Daley Thompson ads… Iron Maiden and Daley Thompson and Lucozade. That’s odd.

        But I’ll listen to the album quick smart… don’t slice me!!

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  4. I love this album, the connection between the band members because of playing live was at a high and the studio tapes captured it perfectly. And although DiAnno is unique I really enjoy hearing these songs with Dickinson singing, in the same way I enjoy the Blaze era with Bruce singing em live

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    1. … but to clarify. Di’Anno does give the songs an attack which they don’t have with Bruce which is why I prefer that it’s him on the album. And prefer him doing them. But I don’t like to get too into the comparison cause I love both! It’s like comparing awesome with awesome.

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