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Manilla Road – Crystal Logic (Review)

Manilla Road are a band that seem to be held in very high regard but I had never heard of them until a couple of years ago. I read about them in a Terrorizer Magazine review of the last decade before noticing recently that a proportionately high percentage of the Metal Vinyl section in Monorail (an excellent record store in Glasgow) was taken up by this band. My curiosity was piqued!

After a bit of Interweb research and a really shit week at work I decided to treat myself to their Crystal Logic album which, by all accounts, seemed like a good place to start. Another deciding factor was that the vinyl was released on the excellent High Roller label. A German label with a great line in NWOBHM reissues. Before deciding to give up buying music *cough* I picked up a Holocaust reissue and two Urchin resissues which are just indescribably excellent. I’m getting excited just thinking about them and you should immediately pop over to the label’s website and check them out.

I’ve been listening to Crystal Logic a lot since picking it up and I’m really enjoying it. They are from Wichita, Kansas and play in a NWOBHM style (Manilla Road describe themselves as Epic Metal) that reminds me of another great obscure band, Legend.

What strikes me immediately is the odd nasal voice of the singer, Mark Shelton, and the strength of the songwriting. Songs like Necropolis, Crystal Logic and Flaming Metal System have hooks to die for and immediately burrow into your brain. The Riddle Master also has the kind of incredible but simple riff that makes you wonder why no-one wrote it before them.

The production here is pretty raw but that’s no great problem. The no frills feel of the band in a rehearsal room adds to the charm. However, Flaming Metal System (recorded separately for a local compilation but later added to the album) has a better production that highlights the rest of the albums sonic weaknesses. The song starts off with a Manowaresque solo which, with it’s strange octaved sound, has you checking the turntable speed. The vocals are also noticeably more confident and more forceful than the other tracks and the band sound charged up.

Closing epic Dreams of Eschata/Epilogue is another highlight with gruff, echoey vocals in the chorus that sound like something latter-day Darkthrone would have been proud to come up with.

I’m going to be listening to this a lot (while gazing in wonder at the spectacularly bad but hypnotic album cover) and the only drawback here is that I’m going to want to hear more of their catalogue. Ulp.

HMO Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 8th June 2012

Here’s what’s been assaulting my ears this week:

King Crimson – Red A Prog classic but never one of my favourites from them I have to admit. More of a Lark’s Tongues In Aspic sort of guy. I have to say I enjoyed it immensely this time round though so maybe this is due a reappraisal.

Pink Floyd – Animals 1st time I’ve ever listened to this, enjoyed it again but a bit early to comment in any detail!

Candlemass – S/T This is a beast of an album and is unfairly overlooked due to the unfortunate on-off reunion with Messiah Marcolin. Only gripe is the line Mirrors for our souls which sounds a bit too much like Mirrors for arseholes for my liking. Once you notice something like that it’s hard to ignore it so.. sorry about that.

Watain – Sworn to the Dark I’ve listened to this quite a lot trying to decide about whether to buy their recent Opus Diaboli. I’m rating it more with every listen but still couldn’t hum a tune off this if I tried! I realise I’m probably missing the point..

Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic Probably not very metal but I don’t just listen to metal all the time! He’s the Hunter and you’re just the punter so be quiet. This is a great album, if you like Bowie, Springsteen, Dylan kind of stuff you should check this out although I rate him above any of them.

King Diamond – Abigail My girlfriend has a thing about haunted houses at the moment so this sprang to mind. The King’s high-low voice is great for singing the parts of the various characters and the band are shit-hot. Glad to see him bouncing back from his recent heart surgery!

Manilla Road – Crystal Logic Only just purchased so I’ll be covering this as a “Too Tempting To Resist” very soon.

John Renbourn – Sir John Alot of… Top Medieval Cobblers. Been on a bit of a folk kick with the recent purchase of the book Electric Eden and then I watched the BBCs excellent documentary Folk Brittannia too. Much better than the rather dull Punk Brittannia that was on recently.

Paradise Lost – Tragic Idol  I rated their last Faith Divides Us.. album as their best for some time and the best album of recent years so I was a bit dissappointed to be underwhelmed by this when I first got it. Then I realised it was because the weather was too sunny. Now it’s started pissing down its making perfect sense.

Def Leppard – Slang Really unfairly dismissed album of theirs and a bit of a shame their fanbase didn’t accept the slight shift in direction. And it was slight. That said, I don’t think it’s aged as well as some of their older stuff but there are some timeless tracks on here (as on every Lep album).

Saint Vitus – Born Too Late Picked the vinyl for this up in Amsterdam which seems appropriate. Seminal Stoner Doom.