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Noise-some Notes – A Week in Listening 6th August 2012

Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier There’s just no stopping Iron Maiden any more. I didn’t find this as immediately enjoyable as their previous album, A Matter of Life and Death, but I think it’s proven more enjoyable over time. Highlights of the En Vivo DVD were on telly recently which put me in the mood for hearing this again.

Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here This is a dreamy slice of summer bliss and one of the best albums of recent years. I’m still enjoying it so much I haven’t been able to completely give my full attention on to this year’s Weather Systems. I’ll get there…

Megadeth – Endgame Bought this on its release and I only really liked the track 44 Minutes and the rest went over my head. Admittedly, when it was released it was up against some other big competition for my attention like Porcupine Tree’s The Incident and Mastodon’s Crack the Skye. 44 Minutes had reappeared in my head lately so I had to give this another spin and , happily, it went down really well. I’ve been listening to this fairly regularly ever since so it’ll be popping up here for a while I should think. Their best since… hmm… Youthanasia.

W.A.S.P. – Live… in the Raw Not a lot of the LA bands bothered putting out live albums. Thankfully W.A.S.P. did cause theirs is a beast! I can think of one other “Hair” band that put one out and I’ll be covering that at some point. Any ideas? Theirs is a beast too.

Opeth – Damnation I tend to categories a lot music into seasons! This album is especially wintery! So bugger knows why I was listening to it in August. Never mind, it went down well as always. A very King Crimson-esque mellow album from Opeth (the drummer is definitely doing his best Michael Giles) but, influences aside, it’s a really gorgeous album. A good place to start for people that don’t like the shouty stuff although I personally think the skillful mix of extreme and mellow is Opeth’s strength.

Megadeth – Th1rt3en Not sure if I spelled that title right. Picked this up for a £5 after enjoying Endgame so much. It’s sounding promising so far although, on a first listen, some of the production choices sound a bit odd. Just me?

Richard Thompson – Walking on a Wire (1968 – 2009) Great 4CD box set of Richard’s finest moments. I had a run through of the 3rd and 4th discs. Just brimming with great stuff. Great Folk Rock, inspired guitar playing, rich warm vocals and some excellent songwriting with a dark seam running through it all. I was first exposed to Richard as he plays on some tracks from Robert Plant’s excellent Fate of Nations album and his guitar playing is just stunning. Highly recommended.