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Heavy Music Artwork Magazine

Issue 1 - Dark Nouveau
Issue 1 – Dark Nouveau

You can usually rely on metal albums to have stunning, provocative artwork and, even in the age of iTunes and Spotify, this doesn’t seem to be changing. And now, thanks to Alex Milazzo, the world of metal has its first and only art magazine dedicated to its artwork and artists. It’s called Heavy Music Artwork and its first two issues are available to buy at the magazine’s Indiegogo page.

I received my issues last week and they are beautiful things. Each issue is themed. The first issue Dark Nouveau covers artists and performers such as Ghost, John Dyer Baizley, Matt Vickerstaff and Zbigniew M. Bielak that have embraced the Art Nouveau style. And the second issue Folklore covers themes of cultural identity and heritage: featuring relevant artists and acts such as Adam Burke, Enslaved, Costin Chioreanu and Primordial. This second issue also introduces more general essays on heritage and epic tales by Dayal Paterson and Gallen-Kallela respectively, with a smattering of live reviews and Top 10 articles in both issues too.

Travis Smith article in Issue 2
Travis Smith article in Issue 2

It’s an interesting, refreshing change to read interviews with the visual artists behind all these amazing covers and the band interviews have an artistic, creative slant that makes for fresh reading too. There has been a lot of love put into these: both are excellent reads and I imagine will become very collectable too.

The third issue Human is out in January 2017 and the pre-order for that is now live here (and the first two issues as well). This upcoming third issue will include an article on Grammy-winning creative agency Turner Duckworth, covering the making of the upcoming Metallica album, as well as articles on Dave McKean, Anaal Nathrakh, Opeth, Alter Bridge and loads more.

You can also check out the Heavy Music Artwork website and Facebook page.

Issue 2 - Folklore
Issue 2 – Folklore