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Noise-some Notes – 18th October 2015

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News! Links! Listening notes! That is why you are here. So without further ado…

Saxon Saxon Saxon

Well, it’s been a big fortnight for this Saxon fan. Not only did I pen a review of their BBC in Concert album there has also been the small matter of a NEW SAXON ALBUM. It just arrived on Friday there, the Battering Ram deluxe box set (see picture) with the CD, vinyl, T-Shirt (too wee) and an awesome bonus live CD Saxon over Sweden 2011! The live CD has them playing all the tracks from the Denim and Leather album so there are a good number of rarely-heard tracks on it. It’s early yet but the new album is sounding very good indeed. Maybe their strongest for many years and that’s saying something because their latter-day albums have not been weaklings. In a year when many veteran bands have started to sound distinctly doddery, the classic metal crown is Saxon’s for the taking.

Bobby Rock Goes West

Check this out, it’s a great read from former Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer (and ripped dude) Bobby Rock about his audition for the band. I love stories from behind-the-scenes like this and this is very entertaining indeed. And any inside info on the eternal enigma that is Vinnie Vincent is always welcome. I hope Bobby does more of these.

Calling Carcass the C-Word

Here’s another article written by a musician. It’s an old post but it’s new to me and made me chuckle a lot while I was eating my bacon roll this morning. The Antichrist Imperium singer Sam Bean recollects a hilarious journalistic misadventure involving Carcass’ Jeff Walker and a particularly naughty word.

Def Leppard the Kings of… Hair Metal?

Def Leppard’s Hysteria album tops Rolling Stone’s 50 Greatest Albums of Hair Metal. And in celebration, the Lep have released another new track that takes you right back to the glory days of… erm… Euphoria and X. That’s some bad retro right there.

The Return of The Wounded Kings

The HMO-approved doom outfit The Wounded Kings have completed their new album. It’s due for release early in 2016 and is an exciting prospect indeed. And they have a new Bandcamp page up now too where you can buy cheap downloads of their first two albums and there will be merch relating to the upcoming album available there soon too.

PaRtY-CaNnOn Logo T-Shirt Pre-Order

Buy them while you can! These will sell like hot cakes. I’ve pre-ordered mine.

Week in Listening

Actually, I’ve been listening to things I intend to review fairly soon so I don’t want to spoil the surprise here. Plenty of Saxon naturally! Apart from those, I’ve been listening to Primordial’s debut album Imrama and enjoying that. Quite a big My Dying Bride influence back then, in the vocals especially. And staying in the “miserable” spectrum of things there was some early Anathema getting played: Serenades and The Silent Enigma. Both are weighty and doleful gothic metal classics. The new Queensrÿche album Condition Hüman has been getting quite a few plays. It’s fairly good, a grower, but not really grabbing me like their last one did. But I’ve fallen hook-line-and-sinker for the Gamma Ray debut album Heading for Tomorrow though. I’ve spent a lot of my Free Time (it’s one of the things that I like) listening to it. I can guarantee it’s especially effective as a pick-me-up after a few too many Anathema albums. Or on a Monday morning. Try it!

[Gamma Ray – Free Time]

Make it work!
Make it work!

Noise-some Notes – 4th October 2015

What a surprise.
What a surprise.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening in the last week or so. New shit has come to light etc…

Candlemass 30th Anniversary

2016 will be the 30th anniversary of Candlemass’ debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. Lots of exciting plans have been announced to mark the great event. A new EP with new vocalist Mats Leven and a box set planned too. I’ll doom dance to that!

And you can doom dance to this too! A free download of a massively rare Candlemass demo!

New Megadeth album ‘Dystopia’

The new Megadave album details have been announced and there’s a new song to check out too. I didn’t find the new song particularly involving though: too by-the-numbers for my liking. I do like the album cover though!

Shrines and Obscene Entity

I reviewed the excellent debut from Shrines. It’s still monopolising my listening time and still getting better with every listen. Read about them here and expect to see them in my end-of-year list. Also, some of the band’s members are also in a band called Obscene Entity. The advance word on their upcoming full-length is very positive so I treated myself to their self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

Excellent Library Sale Shopping

I did excellent library sale shopping. Got these and only came out £2 lighter.


PaRtY-cAnNoN Win the Internet (Again)

PaRtY-cAnNoN have gone viral again. Well, their logo has anyway. You can read about their new album here if you haven’t already.

Week in Listening

I bought the new Bowie box set Five Years 1969-1973 so there’s been lot of that going on. I’m listening to Live Santa Monica ’72 as I write this. But other than Shrines and Bowie what has the HMOverlord been listening to this week? Here’s some highlights.

PaRtY-cAnNoN’s EP Partied in Half got a spin. The “old enough for what?” intro is the best opening to a CD. Ever. Primordial’s sublime The Gathering Wilderness is still as stirring as ever. And speaking of stirring, Big Country’s Steeltown and The Seer have been hitting that spot too. I’m enjoying Atheist’s Unquestionable Presence a lot. It’s fantastic proggy death metal with Martin Walkyier-style vocals and the new reissue is well worth your time and money. And, on the subject of proggy death, I also listened to Gorguts’ Obscura. It sounds a bit like Gojira being shoved down a big flight of stairs. Excellent! Been listening to the Jimi Hendrix Experience box set a bit too but I only seem to have a limited endurance for Hendrix these days. I can only get into it in small doses.

And that’s been my week pretty much. Hope you enjoyed the notes and links and… happy listening!

PaRtY-CaNnON – Duct Taped to a Flag Pole