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New Releases – 16th December 2016

We’re getting to the final release dregs that 2016 has to offer now. There’s nothing particularly crucial today, all compilations or live stuff.


Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive

This new live album/video features a full performance of the totally seminal, essential black metal album. The band is still out there doing this tour but this release captures the debut show in Sweden. Unfortunately, only the audio download is available through the normal channels, if you want the physical CD/DVD or LP/DVD sets you’re going to have to buy it through the band’s own website which means either a hefty shipping charge or waiting to buy it at one of their gigs.

They’ve taken care of everything

Rush – 2112: 40th Anniversary Edition

I saw this listed on one site as “2112: 40th Re-Release”. Well, not quite, but there has been a few… not quite 40 but maybe 37? At any rate, I think it’s safe to say you have this already. So what does this 40th edition have to offer? Well there’s a CD that’s mostly cover versions (including Dave Grohl so they can fuck right off with that), there’s a few live tracks and a live DVD from 1976. The DVD looks decent but cover versions? Reeaally? Oh yeah, and there’s a super-unnecessary idiot edition for £150 too. Attention all planets of the solar federation, Rush have assumed you have more money than sense.

Big in Japan

Uli Jon Roth – Tokyo Tapes Revisited: Live In Japan

Fact: the Scorpions albums with Uli Jon Roth are completely awesome. So good on Uli for revisiting the tremendous songs from that era on this live 2CD/DVD set. Recorded at the same venue as the classic Tokyo Tapes album too and featuring most of the same tracks. Or you could just go and listen to Tokyo Tapes… which is what I’m going to do. There’s also a £100+ version of this too which beggars belief really.

Don’t know why the wasted all that money on Joe Petagno to be honest

Motörhead – Wake the Dead

This is a three disc set housing the final brace of Motörhead albums. I don’t have any of these albums as I got fed up with this band when Motörizer came out. At just under £30 it’s not exactly “budget” for three albums though. I’m sure the individual albums could be got pretty cheap and those would come with the bonus tracks, DVDs etc… unlike this. But if you’re happy with just the vanilla albums (and Lemmy sketches!) then this is the set for you.

“See, so there’s definitely a link to the hand size” explained Jon to an appalled audience

Bon Jovi – This House is Not for Sale: Live at the London Palladium

Looks like this is just going to do what it says on the tin. All new songs but live! I’ve been boycotting the Jovi since a few albums back so I’ll just pass on this. Bring back Alec, that’s what I say.

And that’s us this week. Amazingly, no Darkthrone or Fenriz-related releases this week. What’s that all about?

New Releases – 9th December 2016

Greg Lake’s passing has cast a right pall over the HMO Mission Control this week. There’s only one thing for it… some retail therapy. Get some music down ye!

Lovely shades of brown there but maybe this needs some... black. Black!
Lovely shades of brown there but maybe this needs some… black. Black!

Terra – Mors Secunda

UK black metallers Terra release the follow-up to their debut Untitled. Two dark and atmostpheric epics with some uplifting crescendos but mostly dank, raw, dirty and rhythmic. I singled their drummer Luke Braddick out for praise last year and he excels himself again here with a dynamic and intense performance. Worth checking out if you’re a fan of bands like Wolves in the Throne Room.

The anti-gravity guitar: easy on your back but a bugger to hold on to
The anti-gravity guitar: easy on your back but a bugger to hold on to

Deep Purple – California Jam 1974

The film of Purple’s legendary headliner restored for a new release on Blu Ray and DVD. If you don’t have it, this is a totally essential performance. Blackmore’s climatic solo is the stuff of rock legend, both in terms of music and antics. As well as the restorative spit and polish this version has supposedly been re-edited with different camera angles and stuff like that. Not sure that’s enough for me to buy it again but this is worth getting if you’ve never seen it, or if there’s a big Deep Purple fan in your life that you need to buy a Xmas gift for (cough).

Sigh. I miss MERP
Sigh. I miss MERP

Isengard – Traditional Doom Cult

A new Darkthrone album, then an archive release from them and now this! Fenriz fans (and that’s everyone surely?) really are getting spoiled rotten these days. Here are two unheard recordings from his old Bathory-esque side project on a sexy 7” single. Might be a bit of a barrel-scraper but I’ll bite. I’ve got this pre-ordered and if all this Fenriz-related activity keeps up I might have to just arrange a direct debit straight into his bloody bank account.

I'm not sure... but I think this might be a metal album
I’m not sure… but I think this might be a metal album

Root – Hell Symphony

Root’s new album came out recently and I said that, because I only have their debut, I’d rather get more of their older stuff first. Well, the Eternal Death label, were apparently paying attention because here’s a reissue of their second album (on CD and vinyl) with extra live tracks. Bugger. They went to all this bother so I’m going to have to buy this now aren’t I?

Get tae fog!
Get tae fog!

The Doors – London Fog 1966

Fog! This week’s over-egged and over-priced award goes to the new release from The Doors. Fog fog! It’s a recording of a very early show called London Fog 1966 and the set has both the CD and LP in it FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER and all sorts of trinkets and tat just to pop the price up. Fog Fog Fog! It’s also got a track on it called Tuning. I’m sure that’ll be exciting.

And on top of all this there’s also the new Gnaw Their Tongues album Hymns for the Broken, Swollen and Silent. I didn’t really “get” their last album so I’ll probably pass but I do feel like I’m maybe missing out on something. Shape of Despair’s album Monotony Fields had a buzz about it last year. Seems like it might be up my street but I still haven’t got round to checking it out. And now here’s Alone in the Mist, an album of their old demos from when they were called Raven. I’m sure I’ll catch up with all this stuff eventually… when Fenriz gives me some time off.

And that’s the lot for this week. Let me know if there’s anything cool I’ve missed and if there’s anything you’re rushing out to buy today. Happy hunting!

Danko Jones – Live at Wacken (CD/DVD – Review)

Wacken Roll
Wacken Roll

I love a good live album and I love “classic” rock but rarely come across magnificent examples of either these days. And a good live classic rock album is even rarer! So I was hoping that Danko Jones’ latest release Live at Wacken would deliver on both accounts. I’ve only ever heard a few songs of his and never been blown away. It’s all a bit too much like a jeans advert. But I hear a lot of people say he (they?) are great live. On the basis of this set I can imagine that’s probably the case but the excitement only partially translates to CD/DVD. It’s got a great sound and jovial atmosphere. The band is loose and frontman Danko is in charming form, clearly enjoying being the loverman rocker at Europe’s Metal Mecca. But for all their self-professed “mean power chords” there’s not much in the way of decent riffs or songs. But the energy, witty raps and cheery vibe are winning and some Misfits-style pop punk numbers like the excellent The Twisting Knife add melodic substance in amongst all the two-chord dating-manual songs. It’s likely to be the only Danko Jones I will ever want or need but it’s enough of a good time to be worth holding on to. Like their festival slot, it’s fun for the afternoon but they’ll need to do better to score any hot night-time action.

HMO Rating: 2.5 out of 5

[Danko Jones – The Twisting Knife]

New Releases – September 2016

We’re getting into that pre-Christmas zone now where the release schedules start clogging up. As a result, there’s a veritable shit-ton of stuff coming out in September. So I’m going to be ruthless: this is just the stuff that interests me here. If there’s anything coming out that you’re excited about, tell us all in the comments. First person to mention Opeth wins a biscuit!

Sarcófago – Rotting (CD/DVD – 2nd Sep 2016)

Greyhaze Records’ reissue of the Brazilian’s 1989 mini-album. Rotting is great stuff, Sarcófago starting to get into a thrashier, more complex style here. This reissue comes with fancy packaging and a tasty bonus DVD of their set supporting Morbid Angel in 1991. Not something I’ll be running out to buy but certainly one for the wishlist. I’d request it as a Christmas present but… fuck you Jesus! I hate you!

Faith No More – King For a Day… Fool For a Lifetime (2CD and 2LP – 9th Sep)

Faith No More – Album of the Year (2CD and 2LP – 9th Sep)

More deluxe editions from Faith No More. The other recent FNM reissues have all been excellent so these are a no-brainer. You’re going to buy these. Don’t say you’re not because you are.

Warfather – The Grey Eminence (CD – 16th Sep)

Another Greyhaze release. The second album from Steve Tucker’s  Warfather. Was chuffed to get a digital promo of this, they’ve built up a right head of steam on this one. It’s produced by Tucker’s old Morbid Angel buddy Erik Rutan and it’s state-of-the-art death metal ferocity with depth and atmosphere. Highly recommended. Steve is now back in Morbid Angel so anyone still freaking out about  Illud Divinum Insanus will find this immensely reassuring.

Led Zeppelin – Complete BBC Sessions (3CD and 5LP and Box Set – 16th Sep)

Didn’t expect this to be included as part of Zep’s reissue campaign but here it is. Now with an extra disc including unreleased BBC recordings including a “lost” session and rare track Sunshine Woman. No idea why it was a lost session. Did they forget to broadcast it? Was no-one listening? Did it sound too much like Spirit? Answers on a postcard please.

In the Woods – Pure (CD and 2LP – 16th Sep)

The highly-anticipated return of the Norwegian dark-metallers. I’ve been enjoying discovering their back-catalogue recently so this is welcome and timely. Recent years have seen lots of great comeback albums like Surgical Steel and, from what I’m hearing and reading, this could be in that class. It’s pure gettin’ bought.

Enslaved – Vikingligr Veldi (LP – 23rd Sep)

A very beautiful-looking vinyl reissue of Enslaved’s debut album, released to kick off the band’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. I’ll take all of this that they’ve got. I’d love albums like this and Eld on vinyl. Love love love.

David Bowie – Who Can I Be Now? [1974 – 1976] (CD and LP Box Sets – 23rd Sep)

I properly enjoyed the last Bowie box set Five Years [1969 – 1973] so been looking forward to this. Apart from Diamond Dogs I’m not really as familiar with this era of Bowie though so it’s quite intriguing if a little less tempting. Hard to see me shelling out £100 for this though when there’s so much other stuff coming out. But I’m sure I’ll pick it up at some point.

Coroner – Autopsy (3DVD/1CD and 3BR/1LP Box – 23rd Sep)

Holy crap. THIS. Documentary, interviews, live footage, compilation album. YES. This band are big favourites round these parts and this set looks magnificent. Neck-snapping prog thrash genius.

Charred Walls of the Damned – Creatures Watching Over the Dead (CD and LP – 23rd Sep)

I wasn’t expecting this one at all. It’s been five years since their last album Cold Winds on Timeless Days and I had assumed they’d packed it in. But maybe they were just taking ages to think up another title with a C.W.O.T.D. acronym? Genuine talent in this band (Ripper Owens, Richard Christy, Steve DiGiorgio and Jason Suecof) so I hope they won’t take so long to release another album. Just call it Crazy Wombats on the Dancefloor and get on with it guys.

Winterfylleth – The Dark Hereafter (CD and LP – 30 Sep)

Saved the most exciting for last. I denied Winterfylleth’s last album The Divination of Antiquity entry into my hallowed Top Albums of 2014… but then it went and grew on me didn’t it? Still gets regular plays and I still enjoy it more every bloody time. My bad. Feel like there’s greatness brewing with this one. Just a hunch. But it’s an HMO hunch and that’s a hunch you can trust.

And that’s the lot. Thanks for reading and… happy hunting!

New Releases – August 2016

Here’s my selection of August’s upcoming new releases and reissues.

Atheist- Piece of Time (CD/DVD – 5th Aug)

Reissue of the classic progressive metal album. Unquestionable Presence and Elements have already had the deluxe CD/DVD treatment and this one seems to have been a bit delayed. Glad it’s finally here.

Gov’t Mule – Tel-Star Sessions (CD/Vinyl – 5th Aug)

This is a collection of early demos and recordings and features alternate versions of songs that would eventually appear on the band’s S/T debut and its follow-up Dose. This was the best era of The Mule for me so it’ll be good to hear more music from this point in the band’s career.

Hellhammer – Blood Insanity (7″ Single – 19th August)

Here’s a very collectable 7″ from one of extreme metal’s pioneering bands. This is a single that the pre-Celtic Frost band intended to release back in the 80s but it never saw the light of the day. Supposedly this recording is sourced from better masters than the versions that are already available the Demon Entrails set so this should be a treat for the ears as well as the eyes.

Faith No More – We Care a Lot Deluxe (CD/Vinyl – 19th August)

Faith No More’s debut album with Chuck Mosley on vocals, spruced up and featuring bonus tracks. I love FNM but I have to confess to complete ignorance of their pre-Patton releases. Time for me to get caught up. Doesn’t look as expanded as the last couple of FNM deluxes but it’s an exciting band-approved reissue nonetheless.

Tribulation – The Horror (Vinyl – 19th August)

If, like me, your introduction to this band was last years The Children of the Night you’ll welcome the opportunity to check out the band’s earlier releases. This is their debut album, a deathier/trashier affair than their current style. Looks like this is going to be a very snazzy vinyl edition so it’s pretty tempting.

Inquisition – Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith (Box Set/CD/Vinyl – 26th August)

Got to love Inquisition and their ridiculously long album titles. Try asking for this one in HMV! This album is coming hotly-tipped and that doesn’t surprise me a bit: their last album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse was top-notch cosmic black metal. Bloodshed Across the etc… should be one of the crucial releases of the year. Go for the box if you want the bonus track.

The Wounded Kings – Visions in Bone (CD – 26th August)

This band made my Top 10 Albums of 2014 list with Consolamentum and now, on their fifth album, they’re back together with their original vocalist. Heavy, slow, grinding occult doom done right. I’ve got high hopes for this one.

How We Live – Dry Land (CD – 26th August)

Reissue of one of Steve Hogarth’s pre-Marillion albums. The title track of this later ended up on Marillion’s Holidays in Eden album. It’s one of my favourite Marillion albums and Dry Land is a great track so I’m pretty intrigued to finally hear this. Has two bonus tracks too. 

KISS – KISS Rocks Vegas (DVD/BR/2CD Set – 26th August)

KISS live set with bonus acoustic disc. Can’t say I’m that fussed about this but anything could happen. It’s KISS… and for me that invariably means “please take all my money”.

That’s yer lot. As always, let me know if I’ve missed anything exciting and… happy shopping.

Scorpions Haul… and More!

Here they are...
Here they are…

Had some time to kill on Monday (missed my bus) so I popped into Glasgow’s Monorail Music for a nosy… and struck gold. Five of the new(ish) Scorpions deluxe editions for just £6 each. Second hand but in mint condition. These have been nagging at me since they came out so I’m thrilled to get them this cheap. They had Animal Magnetism, Blackout, Love at First Sting, World Wide Live and Savage Amusement. That’s about 6 CDs and 4 DVDs worth of metal madness for about £30. Not too shabby at all.

As I’ve only just picked them up I don’t have a whole lot to say about them. But the concert footage on the Blackout DVD is superb. Total spandex energy! And the live album that comes with Love at First Sting is dynamite (groan) too. A bit like that Long Beach stuff that came with Priest’s Defenders of the Faith reissue: it’s a bonus disc that’s better than most bands main albums. Can’t wait to get dug in to the rest of this stuff and I’ll probably have to pick up the three I’m missing sooner rather than later (Taken By Force, Tokyo Tapes and Lovedrive). Shame the series couldn’t have stretched back to the earlier albums though, In Trance and Virgin Killer are the absolute Scorps of choice for me.

There goes Tokyo...
There goes Tokyo…

And while I’m on the shopping topic, I also picked up these at the weekend. I got the new Gojira album Magma. This is the bundle that you can buy from their website. The album comes with an extra DVD of their Rock in Rio show (from 2015) and a nice hardback book with photies and stuff.

There's lovely
There’s lovely

And last, but not least, the new Budgie box set. Three albums of primo Budgie! I have all these albums already but this is a nice set and it was only £8. I’m hoping that there’ll be more sets with their other albums as there just aren’t enough Budgie albums in the HMO Vault. Want more.

Happy hunting everyone!

Music Haul – Fopp, Monorail and Peaceville Records

The HMOverlord has been doing excellent shopping once again! Without even really meaning to… it just happened.

It started when I popped in to Fopp on my lunch break (as is often my wont). Turns out they have a new Peaceville Records promo on with a whole bunch of the label’s albums for just £5 each. I managed to not go totally wild and came away with just three CDs. I got two My Dying Bride albums: their debut album As the Flower Withers and Trinity which is an EP collection. I also added in Nocturno Culto’s Gift of Gods album Receive. Very pleased with my purchases and there’s other stuff in the sale I could have easily picked up. Future lunch breaks will require restraint(s).

Thanks Fopp! Thopp.
Thanks Fopp! Thopp.

And that would have been a pretty good haul for the day but after work I decided to pop in to Monorail to see if they had any good stuff. And, as is usually the case in Monorail, they sure did. I came away with three cheap and classic Satyricon albums: Dark Medieval Times, The Shadowthrone and Rebel Extravaganza. I already had a couple of these as downloads but I’m happy to finally have them on CD and Rebel Extravaganza is totally new to the HMO Vault. But the total icing on the cake (and possibly the find of the year so far) was the limited edition 2CD version of Primordial’s To the Nameless Dead, a lovely digipack with an extra disc of live stuff. It’s quite hard to get now and I’ve been after a copy for pure ages! So I’m totally chuffed.

Thanks Monorail! Thonorail.
Thanks Monorail! Thonorail.

But it didn’t stop there. I arrived home to discover post! So to cap off an amazing day of shopping I also now have the new Candlemass box set Behind the Wall of Doom. I’d pre-ordered it from Peaceville Records (them again) a while back and now here it is, all 3CDs and 2DVDs of it. Packaged in a gorgeous coffee-table book with the entire Candlemass story documented within! Massively excited about this and looking forward to getting some serious doom dancing done. Got one of the DVDs on as I type this (their 1988 Dynamo Festival set) and it’s totally awesome.

Thanks Peaceville! Theaceville.
Thanks Peaceville! Theaceville.

I’m sure you’ll all agree I did stupendous shopping today. A great haul.