The HMO Hall Of Fame

Normally the albums and songs reviewed at Heavy Metal Overload are scored out of 5, but every so often something comes along that is so masterful, so… Manowar-y, that it defies puny mortal concepts like rating systems. These are the HMO Hall of Fame albums that achieved this mighty feat. All hail the 10 out of 5 heroes!

HMO Hall of Fame Albums

Candlemass – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

KISS – Lick It Up

Manowar – Sign Of The Hammer

Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come

Saxon – Strong Arm Of The Law

Venom – Welcome To Hell

HMO Hall of Fame Songs

Little Richard – Tutti Frutti

[Manowar – All Men Play On Ten]

… and classic rock too!

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