W.A.S.P. – Live… in the Raw (Review)

Live… in the Raw 1997 Reissue

Released in 1987, W.A.S.P’s Live… In The Raw performed the double duty of marking the end of their sex and gore era and also buying the band some valuable time to craft their new, more “serious”, direction. It’s a veritable greatest hits set, rounding up the best songs from the band’s increasingly patchy studio output. Live… In The Raw doesn’t sound particularly live or raw but it’s energetic and captures the excitement of a live show, delivering definitive versions of great songs like Inside The Electric Circus, L.O.V.E Machine, Wild Child and 9.5.-N.A.S.T.Y. And as an added bonus there are three new tracks too: two superb “live” tunes (Harder Faster and The Manimal) and one studio recording Scream Until You Like It that bolster the outrageousness of the whole thing. The omission of the controversial (Animal) Fuck Like A Beast feels like pulled punch but there’s too much fun to be had here for it to matter much. W.A.S.P. put out some great stuff once they got all clever but my favourite W.A.S.P. is still dumb W.A.S.P. And Live… In The Raw is dumb W.A.S.P. in their prime. And it’s seriously good fun.

2011 reissue of Inside the Electric Circus relegates Live… in the Raw to mere bonus disc.

7 thoughts on “W.A.S.P. – Live… in the Raw (Review)”

  1. Interesting perspective sir! I never got this album until the late 90’s, when they were remastered with the addition of single B-sides. I knew “Scream Until You Like It” but nothing else.

    So I haven’t devoted as much listening time to it as perhaps you have. I should give it another listen and get back to you.


    1. I liked them back in the day but they have really grown on me a lot over the last few years. I go back to them a lot and they keep getting better! I can’t really explain it. Headless Children is an incredible record too.


  2. Headless is my favourite and I still love it today. From Lost Child to Forever Free, Rebel in the FDG…yeah. And I think Frankie Banali played drums on that record. I wish they had a live album from that tour!


  3. Love to know who recorded Live in the raw, such an awesome live album. What a killer snare sound nothing like it. Plenty of solid bass and the band is tight as a mofo! Anyone know?

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