Welcome to Heavy Metal Overload aka HMO.

HMO is written and managed solely by Scott Carson. I mainly cover metal and classic rock but anything goes.

I’ve tried loads of different approaches over the years but I now focus strictly on posts about individual songs and occasional digest posts where I can talk about other stuff: things I’ve bought, news, obituaries etc…

You can check a full index of the songs that I have written about here.

As well as the main HMO site, there is also an HMO Facebook page and a Twitter account. On social media I may post various collection stuff, news stuff… whatever takes my fancy. But the main site will remain song posts and the digests.

As well as commenting here, you can also contact me at: heavymetaloverload(at)yahoo.co.uk

REVIEW POLICY: As I’m just posting about songs and focussing on music from my own collection, I’m not currently accepting submissions for review. Sorry. 

37 thoughts on “About/Contact”

  1. Downloading is just not good enough, especially if you love album art. Sometimes I buy LPs just because the art is bigger. I have a large collection of Yes LPs which I bought partially because I love Roger Dean paintings. Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick LP folds out like a newspaper with several pages. It’s pretty amazing.


    1. I’ve bought LPs for that reason too. I bought Yessongs recently and it’s got a gorgeous big foldout cover. The 1st King Crimson album too. Love the art on that. I like having the physical copies too so I can flick through them for inspiration.


  2. Becoming a discerning consumer is a noble pursuit indeed. And an especially tricky one, given the slippery slope of music. Once you like one band, they lead you to another, and soon you have a whole room full of albums that are all awesome in some way, all important…

    I commend you on your 2013 pursuit, as well, and I wish you luck with it. But I have a question: Assuming you are successful in your pursuit of halving your spending, on what will you spend the saved money? Perhaps an investment for your old age, or a trip with your lovely lady, or… what have you chosen or what will you choose to do with the money you save?

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      1. No problem man. I just thought it was a fun thing to do and wanted to pass it along. Well, really it’s like a chain letter and I would have bad luck if I didn’t pass it along.

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  3. Just finished the second album off “The List”. Diamond Head : Lightning To The Nations. Yeah, I really like it. Will be giving these guys some more time. A 1980 release. I had no idea about this band. Good one HMO

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