Ted Nugent – Ted Nugent (Review)

Ted Nugent – Ted Nugent (1975)

He’s a phenomenally exciting guitar player and intense live performer but there are a disconcerting number of patchy studio albums to wade through in “Terrible Ted” Nugent’s discography. This 1975 album, his solo debut after ditching the Amboy Dukes band moniker, is as close to filler-free studio greatness as he ever got. Outside of a compilation or live album, this is the most classic Nuge songs that you’re going to find in one place.

And what classics! Stranglehold is an audacious and timeless opener: a moody, psychedelic workout that brilliantly showcases the excellent band, Nugent’s guitar chops and that superbly raunchy Gibson Byrdland tone. Motor City Madhouse is a gonzo rager and the stunning hard rockers Just What The Doctor Ordered and Stormtroopin’ are two of my all-time faves. The lesser-known Hey Baby and Snakeskin Cowboys are catchy, swaggering rock n’ rollers that hold their own among the hits.

But the patchy criticism still applies and Ted doesn’t always hit the target here, running out of steam with a brace of comparatively forgettable closing tracks. But this is still the most consistently brilliant studio album of his career and a great place for newbies to start. Like the “murder capital of the world” referenced in Motor City Madhouse, Ted Nugent is loaded with killers.

Great reissue with quality bonus tracks

37 thoughts on “Ted Nugent – Ted Nugent (Review)”

    1. His studio career really isn’t as good as he probably likes to think it is! Plenty of great songs but… just scattered about. I enjoyed going back to this more than I thought I was going to so I’m going to work through his albums I think.

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  1. Great album.
    Great band.
    I just got some Amboy Dukes stuff on vinyl I need to delve into now.

    I was thinking of posting about him too, but I wondered if it would turn into a political thing, so I held off.

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    1. I know… I just tried to just avoid it. Would be harder if it was a more current album but that personality isn’t as big a part of the older stuff.

      Only heard a few Amboy Dukes songs but couldn’t get into it. Would like to track down Tooth Fang and Claw though.

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  2. I don’t know any Nugent and no matter how good a player or patchy the output, I’m afraid I’m unlikely to ever investigate now on account of him being too much of a walloper.

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      1. It does help, I guess. Seagal’s 100% walloper. Maybe 110%. And given recent allegations, quite possibly an abhorrent walloper. If I knew then what I know now…

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      2. It helped that I got into him pre-internet too. Didn’t know as much about what he was like.

        I’m trying not to add more wallopers to the collection but the ones I’ve got already get to stay. There’s too many of them!

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      3. Aye, I know what you mean. I guess there’s a line you draw, eh? I haven’t discovered Nugent yet, so my awareness is his nonsense. It’s like trying to navigate an asteroid field to get to a planet that may have some water.

        Seagal was just a really fascinating and bizarre chap when I got into him. Now he looks to be a total scumbag… and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to just enjoy the oddness of his DTV stuff and his crazy backstory (that whole CIA thing is too good).

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      4. Yeah. There’s no way I’d be looking into Nugent stuff if I was just getting into him now. His persona and politics have just overshadowed anything he’s done musically. But I can’t ever unhear Stormtroopin’ so he’s here to stay.

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    1. I was thinking of doing a series of posts about assholes in music.
      I guess I can separate the music from the awful acts of the individual.
      I have a teen daughter at home. Should I throw out all the music from bands that slept with teen groupies? (Led Zep and many, many more)
      Should I throw out anything Bill Cosby related?
      Eddie Van Halen is an asshole. Do I turf the VH?
      Axl Rose is an asshole. Turf the Gunners?

      Ritchie Blackmore seems like a dick. But he’s an awesome guitarist.

      Where do I stop? I personally will not stop buying music/movies etc. that I like because of the actions outside of music.

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      1. I don’t have any investment in his career really so he’s an easy one for me ignore. I watched some Cosby Show in the 80s… that’s about it. I don’t think he was as big a deal over here.


      2. It depends. I can handle someone being an asshat, but there’s a line… I think Nugent’s stuff recently has crossed it.

        Crosby goes beyond asshat… he’s a predator. A ghastly bastard.

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  3. I have a couple of Nugent albums that I found cheap, well before the crazy became evident. One is Scream Dream and I think the other one is State of Shock. Never did get into them but also didn’t give them much of a chance.

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    1. I quite like both of those but they’re probably not a great place to start. This one is much better. Cat Scratch Fever is strong and Double Live Gonzo is a classic. That’s the kinda peak era right there.


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