Saigon Kick – Saigon Kick (Review)

Saigon Kick – Saigon Kick (1991)

Florida’s Saigon Kick arrived too late for the 80s glam metal party but their 1991 debut album had an eclectic and alternative edge that seemed custom-built for the new decade. The flashy chops and harmonies cast back to the glory days of Ratt, Dokken and the like but colourful shades of Alice In Chains, psychedelia and thrash pointed to the future.

Easy to see why there was a buzz about this band but the eclecticism is a double-edged sword. The variety is impressive and keeps things interesting but also means that for every infectious pop rocker like Colors or moody metaller like New World there’s a cheesy U2-esque Love Of God or the silly cod-angst of What Do You Do. Add banal lyrics to all the style-hopping and the album starts to seem like it’s got little to say.

The hard edge and druggy melody brings to mind contemporaries like Warrior Soul and Enuff Z’nuff but Saigon Kick are inferior to both, with neither Warrior Soul’s incendiary intelligence or Enuff Z’nuff’s depth and taste. There definitely some great stuff here but in an era with a bewildering array of musical flavours on offer, Saigon Kick taste too vanilla.

Recent Rock Candy reissue with bonus tracks

35 thoughts on “Saigon Kick – Saigon Kick (Review)”

      1. Just the singles. The one song off this album that I call “Far and Distant Places” is the one I liked best. There were a few bands of this ilk around this time. I thought Kik Tracee had an awful name but a great sound, hard rock with a twist.

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      2. Actually I got KIK Tracee as a freebie from MEAT Magazine….their cover of Mrs Robinson was quite good…Dude had a killer set of pipes and I think he was up for the singer spot in the Crue before Crabby got it…

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      3. Cool, I didn’t get that! I did get the I Mother Earth tape about a month before the album came out. I played the shit out of that all summer! It had “The Mothers”, “No One”, and “Basketball”.

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      1. Considering I was buying everything in site back in 91 this one I skipped but my brother bought it at the time on cassette as he was learning guitar at the time and he read in Guitar World about the guttering being quite good…
        I borrowed it for a few listens on the Walkman hahaha…and it was like …ah where’s my copy of For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge…hahaha…
        Thats where my head was at in 91!

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  1. Eh. That’s not too bad. A pal of mine actually mentioned this lot a few times (likewise, he has telt me that I need to hit up Warrior Soul). Maybe this would appeal to me… or maybe I’ll just listen to Warrior Soul…

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  2. I like that vanilla comparison.
    There’s a line in Weird Al’s “I love Rocky Road” where he says, Vanilla just makes me cold – sounds like he could have had one of the less interesting saigon kick scoops here!

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