Y&T – Earthshaker (Review)

Y&T – Earthshaker (1981)

Y&T had, in the less streamlined guise of Yesterday & Today, made ripples in the 70s with two studio albums and their exciting live performances. But they would make major tremors with their first album of the next decade: 1981’s Earthshaker. The Bay Area band hardened their cock rock with a bold, metallic edge that positioned them (along with bands like Riot) as the Stateside answer to the new wave of heavy bands appearing in Europe.

With their powerful rhythm section, blocky riffs and Dave Meniketti’s Hagar-esque vocals, Y&T stick so close to the Montrose blueprint that they don’t score many points for originality. But these road-hardened rockers know how to show you a good time. Hungry For Rock and Dirty Girl are all pocket and swagger. Meniketti cuts loose with wild Nuge-esque guitar on Shake It Loose and Squeeze and Rescue Me cunningly reworks Zep’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You into a stomping dancefloor anthem.

Earthshaker‘s musical one-track mind starts to wear a little thin on side two. But the rousing Hurricane, blazing Knock You Out and moody closer I Believe In You more than make up for weaker tracks like Young And Tough. And ensure that Earthshaker is a hearty, hefty serving of meat and potatoes that will satisfy anyone hungry for rock.

17 thoughts on “Y&T – Earthshaker (Review)”

  1. First heard Meanstreak back in 1983 as a school pal had it and I was blown away by and than he pulled out Black Tiger and I was like ‘Why aren’t these guys huge?’
    Than In Rock We Trust Came out and I told my pal as I bought IRWT and liked it but my pal who had gotten me into them a year earlier had checked out by 84 as he said they sold out lol
    Only in Thunder Bay man!

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  2. They were one of those bands that I used to read about (and I knew how their name came about!) but they always passed me by musically until I finally got around to buying a second-hand compilation CD of theirs. I play it a lot now. Was very pleasantly surprised by the songs and the riffs – heavier and rockier than I expected. Somehow I was expecting them to be far more AORish and a bit bland.

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