Judas Priest – The Sentinel

“The figure stands expressionless”

Over the years, Judas Priest have had a growing penchant for lyrics that basically just describe some sort of apocalyptic cartoon character. A lot of their album covers depict similar creations too – check out the Metalli-Tarkus or whatever it is on the cover of their 1984 album Defenders Of The Faith. And that same album also has one of the best songs of this particular type: The Sentinel. Just that title alone is metal as fuck. And so is the song. The guitar intro is imposing and dramatic, the pacey riffing builds to a typically phenomenal display of guitar jousting from the Tipton/Downing dream team and Boaby Halford totally delivers the goods: singing phrases like “sworn to avenge” with utter conviction. Recorded following the band’s big US breakthrough, The Sentinel brims with confidence while also retaining the cutting edge of their earlier material, closing a faultless side of vinyl on an epic sci-fi high.

33 thoughts on “Judas Priest – The Sentinel”

      1. I’m a bit patchy on Priest, all the early stuff, then Turbo, the last one and Point of Entry. I’m missing all the cool middle ones, but on the plus side I’m also missing all that Nostradamus twaddle.

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  1. Great pick. This song and album takes me right back to 1984. I remember at one point the lunch time debate in high school was about who had the better rhythm section Maiden or Priest! Quickly after that it was onto Boston and when was there record coming out! lol…
    Love how the Sentinel breaks down after the solo! Friggin brilliant!
    Awesome stuff Scott….

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      1. Steve and Nico was my choice where Holland and Hill were solid as well but no frills really which suited Priests style. Kinda funny as a few years later we were asking ourselves when is the next Leppard album coming lol…..as at the time many bands were on the one year cycle of album/tour

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      2. Priest with Hill/Holland was solid but I don’t think there was any contest. Burr/Harris was better too. Just struck me recently that Defenders might have had a bit of Pyromania influence in there. The drum sound and some of the riifs.

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      3. Good call on Burr/Harris. They are rock solid on the Live at Hammersmith show on the NOTB deluxe..
        Never thought of Pyro sound being on Defenders but you may have a point as I’m sure a lot of bands saw what Lepp did in 83 wanted to get that Mutt sound…

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