The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Impossible Dream (Review)

A superb album cover too!

Alex Harvey was not only one of Scotland’s most legendary rockers, he was also steeped in showbiz. This album, his third with SAHB, came out in ’74 but Alex had been around in music and theatre since the late 50s. He formed his “Sensational” band, with members of prog rockers Tear Gas, in the early 70s and often referred to them in terms of movies and the stage: he was their director. And The Impossible Dream is their most theatrical and cinematic album, the culmination of Harvey’s decades of experience.  It’s comparable to Alice Cooper’s School’s Out: an adventurous extravaganza. From the tribal, comic book stomp of Vambo and Man in the Jar‘s gonzo noir to the dancehall Sergeant Fury, the skittery blues of Weights Made of Lead and the riffing pirate yarn Tomahawk Kid this album is a total romp. Yo ho ho! And as Anthem closes the album out, it’s extremely moving too. It’ll make ye greet.

… unless you were in the US, in which case you got this shiter.

56 thoughts on “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – The Impossible Dream (Review)”

  1. First time I ever heard the name Senasational AHB was Gary Barden introducing Chris Glenn on MSG’s One Night At The Budokan album….
    Nice little history lesson here Fella…

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      1. OH — Scott, forgot to tell you. I found my How We Live CD, it has 12 tracks. Bonus tracks are You Don’t Need Anyone and Simon’s Car. I also have a 12″ remix from a download-only Marillion EP that had some How We Live stuff on it.

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      1. ‘next’ is on the 1001, this is not alas, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, I tend to really like the growers. So even if this will not be a required listen for me, a recreational listen sounds good!

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      1. Sometimes there’s just not much you can, or have to, say. But I reckon what you have is all you need – plus, you mention how awesome the cover is. That’s all you needed. “Look at this”. The US drew the short straw though, huh?

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  2. I just love the audacity of naming your band after yourself and adding Sensational to it. The Sensational Heavy Metal Overlord Band. It gives you something to live up to, doesn’t it!

    That said, I have never heard of these people, or this record, but I hope my saying that I do like the sounds of it lets me at least keep a little bit of cred.

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  3. Utter bloody genius. The ultimate showman, still hugely underrated and gone too soon. Lucky enough to have seen SAHB with and without Alex. Zal had a short lived project that as far as I’m aware never recorded, called Tandoori Cassette, with Barrie Barlow from Tull and Charlie Tumahai from BeBop deluxe. Always loved his guitar sound.

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