Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom EP (Review)

Dead Congregation - Sombre Doom (2016)
Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom (2016)

Fans of 2014’s excellent Promulgation of the Fall would have been hoping for more than just two tracks from these Greek death metallers this year but their new EP Sombre Doom satisfies with quality over quantity. Opening with a howling dead wind of feedback, the first track Redemptive Immolation is grave and doom-laden with a thick, dark atmosphere. After the oppressive opener, the up-tempo battering of Wind’s Bane comes as a relief but is still rich in ghostly gloom and haunting guitar. The songs and riffs aren’t the most original but Sombre Doom is all about the vibe and the execution: this reeks of rain, death, evil and graveyards. Proper death metal if you ask me, and one of the best EPs of the year.


19 thoughts on “Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom EP (Review)”

  1. By your writeup they should have called it METAL ON FRIGGIN METAL!
    Like these lines u use…
    “howling dead wind of feedback”
    and my personal fav..
    “the up-tempo battering of Wind’s Bane comes as a relief but is still rich in ghostly gloom and haunting guitar. ”
    Everything from band name to album art is enough to make me sleep with the light on tonight!

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      1. Honest is best! And it’s your site so everyone knows what you like.

        I’ve only been doing these lists a few years. I’m sure that after a while it’ll start to look more repetitive as my favorite bands bring out new stuff.


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