Iron Maiden – Heaven Can Wait: Live


“I’ll go when I’m good and ready”

It’s been a dark and frosty week here in Glasgow. Perfect conditions for enjoying some black metal but I decided I needed some sunshine in my listening. Time for some synth-era 80s Maiden then! I opted for the excellent live album Maiden England ’88 and this song always stands out for me. The real magic happens 3mins in though, as the “take my hand…” bridge ratchets up the tension and the song’s tone shifts from jaunty to totally epic. Then the song cruises into the famous, roadie-enhanced “woah-oh-oh”s. This singalong section always seemed like it was devised for live performance so it’s no surprise that it works so much better here than on the Somewhere in Time studio version. The building urgency, shimmery guitar fills and Bruce’s added exhortations to the audience make it breathlessly exciting. It’s brilliant stuff that turns one of the potentially weaker songs of the set into an outright showstopper.

33 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – Heaven Can Wait: Live”

    1. I know what you mean. I never thought this song was all that great though but now it just sticks out to me. I get really excited when it’s on. Same with Flight 666 album too, totally love that version as well.

      Deja Vu is my least favourite on SIT though.

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  1. For me it’s the moment when the woah-oh-ohs end at 4’19 and that guitar kicks in abruptly at an aural 75-degree angle to carry us into that awesome breakdown. All Iron Maiden songs seem made for audience singalong; it’s one of the things that makes their concerts so special as it never comes across as corny. Up the IRONS!!

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    1. Yes! I was going to talk about that solo too but the post was getting too long haha! The way they use that to get back to the main song is very nifty. It’s a very well-arranged tune… like most of their stuff.


  2. Hahahaha…….wait til u boys see what’s being posted at Stick It In Your Ear tomorrow! Pour yourselves a coffee before reading as its a doozie!

    Great post HMO…..U cannot go wrong with Maiden England! When I seen the 2012 tour I wish they would have played Infinite Dreams…..such a great track

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      1. Exactly ….in my review of the show there was a fellow who was losing his shit over the whole show saying it was the best Maiden show ever and when it ended he was bummed that they didn’t play Fear Of The Dark! hahaha…..sure Infinite Dreams wasn’t played but like u said what can u od when the catalogue is deep with material!

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  3. Dear lord, I love this album and video. I got it back in the day as a wee nipper and it’s impression on me was huge. Couple that with the Live After Death? SOLD!! I do much prefer the live version of this song to the studio one. It’s more up tmep (mind you, so was everything else in Maiden’s live set in the mid-late 80s) and it’s a huge crowd moment. Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the show!

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    1. I got it back this back in the day too. This and Animalize Live Uncensored are just burned into my memory now… and yours too I bet!

      Funny, I was watching the Maiden England doc today and the tempos seemed to be a real bone of contention for Adrian Smith. I liked it though!


      1. Oh Animalize Live…. that’s what sealed the deal for me with Kiss. Paul Stanley was the consummate front man. I dreamed of owning a pair of those trousers for years. Until I realised that those trousers, in Cardiff, would get the shit kicked out of me. Peasants. (That’s another band whose tempos went way up, live, during the 80s too!)

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  4. I have that Maiden disc and I concur that it’s pure magic. Guitars going all ways and loads of moments to singalong to. This one is a real treat.

    … and my word the guitar is great.

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  5. Coming from Lebrain’s blog, where he mentioned you might disagree with his less than awed view on this song, seeing this post as the first Iron Maiden related post here made me laugh.

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