I – Warriors


“Head to the battlefields”

You’d expect a black metal supergroup featuring members of Immortal, Enslaved and Gorgoroth to be an all-out blaster. But, instead, their 2006 album Between Two Worlds was a more traditional affair: the band using the new project to celebrate their pre-2nd Wave influences and indulge in a bit of hero worship. Pre-2nd Wave heroes don’t get much bigger than Bathory and their mastermind Quorthon had died just two years earlier so many of the tracks here have a Bathory influence all over them. Of those, this is my favourite. It’s an epic lament which finds the world-weary Vikings riding their tired horses out “from the mountainous regions” to “where great warriors sleep”. Pillaging can be such a grind. But Warriors’ mix of bold defiance (“It’s a great day for fire”) and raging sadness is always stirring.

27 thoughts on “I – Warriors”

  1. This is a very solid and great blackned heavy metal, Motorhead in a black metal mood. Just the epicness of Far Beyond The Quiet should be enough to convince a person to have this record into the collection.

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      1. Totally, Between Two Worlds is again, a solid and massive recod, that personally sounds strong and heavy ad the year tha was released. You can listen that everyone involved is just having a huge fun playing the song, and I am saying this in a very posistive way. Sadly they just released one record and that’s it. I wish to see the band back again, not forgetting the fact that Abbath and King are now playing in the same band, so it wouldn’t be so difficult at least to have in the line up two of the original members, considering the idea that the others former members are not interested anymore in the project, but who knows. I will totally be happy to see I back again.

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    1. It’s a bit of an over-simplified classification but the second wave is a term often used for all the Norwegian black metal stuff like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor etc…

      The first wave being all the stuff that came before, that wasn’t really black metal in the sense that people think of it today but had black metal elements and influence. So Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost etc…

      Over-simplified because there was stuff in-between like Sarcofago, Master’s Hammer, Blasphemy that wasn’t really first or second wave but was basically early black metal.

      Phew! There will be a test btw and I expect to see a photo of you in corpsepaint by this time next week.

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