Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen: Live


“And all you did was count the dead”

Here’s a rousing track from Primordial’s new live album Gods to the Godless (Live at Bang Your Head Festival Germany 2015). I always feel like live shows are defined by the inclusion of new tracks. My memories of live performances usually revolve around the new songs that were played. For better or worse, bands seem to put extra welly into the new stuff: meaning that brilliant new songs make for an unforgettable show but weak ones will likely mar my recollections, no matter how classics-laden the show might have been. The former is definitely the case with Primordial. Four of the eleven songs here are taken from their last album Where Greater Men Have Fallen and here’s an amazing version of the title track: a burly and martial take that surpasses the studio version. Alan Nemtheanga proves himself, once again, the consummate metal frontman, and the band’s chemistry and the skill of their arrangements are even more evident in the live setting: every instrument occupying a unique space to create a massive wall of sound. Primordial, over twenty years into their career, sound like they’re determined to remain impassioned and vital until the bitter end.

[To hear the Song of the Week, click track three on the YouTube screen below. And then listen to the whole thing, you won’t regret it]


12 thoughts on “Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen: Live”

  1. These guys are unknown to me. But I’m playing the track you suggested! I’m not sure I have ever heard a riff as thundery as that! I have my subwoofer set to the regular settings but it feels like some serious bass coming out of it. Just a real tundra-thundering riff there! I dig the song Scott, well done.

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  2. what a great, descriptive name for a music festival!
    And I hadn’t thought of that before, but I think I agree – the new songs will be what makes the difference. The old hits will be the old hits but if the crowd is still engaged with the new material (and don’t audibly groan when the band says “and now for some new stuff”) that bodes well for the show!

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  3. Lord ha’ murcy! Is that bass riffing?

    I’m in agreement about new songs at gigs. I tend to feel a bit excited when a band throws out new songs… always a treat when you hear “this is a new one” followed by the first note or wallop.

    In fact, I remember seeing Afghan Whigs a few years ago and feeling over the moon that they didn’t just do a ‘best of’ set, but performed pretty much every track from the new album.

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    1. Thar be bass riffin’ laddie!

      Yes, I really like it when bands do stuff like that… as long as the new stuff is good anyway! First time I saw Marillion they divvied up the set into and hour of the new album and then an hour of older stuff. That was cool.

      What’s great is that sometimes you might not be totally sold on a new album but when they do it live it all starts to make sense and you go back to the new album with renewed… umm… liking-it-ness.


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