Possession – Exorkizein (Review)

Following an impressive demo and mini-album, I was expecting to be more impressed by Possession’s debut full-length album. The Belgians dish out impressively clear and concise black/death with plenty of evil atmosphere but they never really lift themselves out of the solid zone. Despite some strong riffs, the songs in the first half all blur into one. Exorkizein gradually improves, and is at its best in its closing stages with tracks like In Vain and Take the Oath being standouts. Possession have an appealing Watain-like delivery and catchiness but there’s not enough of that band’s threatening audacity and ambition here. Exorkizein is far from execrable but not exactly exciting either.

21 thoughts on “Possession – Exorkizein (Review)”

  1. Sometimes I find a band sounds better in small doses like a split or EP.
    Depending on the genre it may sound samey to other bands or the same as other songs on the album.
    Sometimes also a band works their ass off to get that perfect sound in small batches, but then throws in fill to make a complete album.
    Also, the band may have been rushed to get the album out and cut corners.
    I did a post about the first EP from the Canadian band The Wild! and the band members mentioned the producer cut a bunch of songs to take it from a debut album to debut EP. Perhaps the producer here needed to whittle.

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    1. As albums go this one is pretty compact though, I’ll give them that. It feels like it could maybe have been sequenced better. But it’s got a story so they maybe let that get in the way of their better judgement in terms of sequence? The execution is just off somehow too… not convincing. Maybe reigned in a bit too much?


  2. I guess there are worse zones to be in than the ‘solid zone’ – but if your business is (as the post tag would indicate) evil metal, I’d imagine that’s not where they were aiming to end up!

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