Def Leppard – The Def Leppard EP (Review)

Record Store Day Edition

Def Leppard roared onto the UK metal scene with this self-titled EP. Hard to imagine now, but the squillion-selling stars of Hysteria fame had to release this on their own label Bludgeon Riffola after paying for the recording with borrowed money and recording it with borrowed drummer, Frank Noon. It was the kind of DIY move that became a big factor in the growing New Wave of British Heavy Metal and The Def Leppard EP put the Sheffield band right at the forefront of the movement. Before the term NWOBHM had even been coined!

Released in January 1979 the EP features early versions of Ride Into The Sun, Getcha Rocks Off and The Overture: all songs that would be re-recorded later, with varying results. A later Hysteria-era remake of Ride Into The Sun improved on the original’s clunky vocals but that bouncy riff is still killer here and it’s fun to hear Lep in such naïve form. Getcha Rocks Off and The Overture would appear again on the band’s debut album On Through The Night but these are the definitive takes with their lively hot-of-the-press feel. The Overture in particular is a highlight, top epic-metal cobblers that puts the album version in the shade.


None of this is going to blow you away but it’s a fun, interesting listen and must-have for Lep fans. It’s been released in various vinyl editions that might set you back now but it has just been made available digitally for the first time EVER so there has never been a better time to getcha rocks off with this excellent piece of metal history.

24 thoughts on “Def Leppard – The Def Leppard EP (Review)”

  1. Cool stuff HMO!
    Did they leave the fake audience off the end of ‘Getcha Rocks Off” haha
    This is cool they released this on all formats. Got to hand it to them for doing that…

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  2. I bought the RSD version and I really like it – can’t beat ‘The Overture’, love that. if you have any original copies you’d like me to dispose of safely for you whilst you enjoy your digital version, then I’d be only too happy to help out.

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    1. Can’t help you there. I’ve got the RSD and that plain sleeve one. That’s not an original though… think it was a mid 80s repress.

      The Overture is my fave too. Which is odd cause I never used to like it on the debut album. This version won me over… I more partial to the album version now after hearing this one.

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      1. Ach. That’s a shame… I know how gutted you’ll be. You’re always welcome to come round and listen to my Homme & Co. LPs, fella. Anytime.

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  3. This is the one for which I found two different copies! Just the tracks in different running orders… weird.

    Anyway, cool beans! When I get to this one in my To Be Reviewed pile, I’ll just point people here!

    Also, how the hell did Joe Elliott get the nickname “Zeff”? Any DL fans here who know?

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      1. See, this is why I don’t gamble – I’m pretty slow on the uptake. Joe Zeff. How dumb could I be? Hahaha hooboy.

        I do own this in two different labels. Looking at the now, I was on crack. They have same tracks, same order – I was wrong.

        One is the Bludgeon Riffola MSB 001 but without the fancy cat cover, just a regular sleeve.

        The other is Vertigo 6059 240 (1979 made in England).

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