Yngwie Malmsteen – Eclipse (Review)

Yngwie Malmsteen – Eclipse (1990)

Yngwie M. F. Malmsteen goes for the commercial jugular on his fifth studio album, 1990’s Eclipse. Aided by his first all-Swedish lineup, the borking-mad maestro dishes out a superlative set of melodic Euro metal that expands on the AOR leanings of his previous record Odyssey. The album opens with its three singles. Making Love is smouldering of verse and colossal of riff; Bedroom Eyes is fun Europop with loose jamming guitar; and the smoochy ballad Save Your Love is a skippable bore. Luckily the next track Motherless Child is an exciting metal rager. It’s a stunner, charged with emotion, and from there on the album barely puts a foot wrong. From the explosive pomp of Devil In Disguise and Judas to the flawlessly layered Faultline this album is a blast. Might prove too cheesy for fans weaned on Marching Out but if you fancy a bit of pop and pomp with your power, the stars align on Eclipse.

17 thoughts on “Yngwie Malmsteen – Eclipse (Review)”

  1. My brother was 13 at the time of this release and bought Eclipse on cassette tape of all things! I was kinda done with Yngwie at that point as I bought the Turner studio and the live album that followed and all I heard was a lot of high speed noodling.
    I always liked Trilogy which had some great tracks so when I borrowed my brothers tape and chucked it into my Walkman I was pleasantly surprised….
    Bedroom Eyes is a well crafted hard rock track with a great lead vocal…..
    If I ever came across this one I would pick it up…

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      1. Yeah perhaps Scott but there was so much music coming out at that point and I was trying to keep up…some stuff fell on the wayside JLT/Yngwie was one..
        If I come across this one as well I will give it a spin for sure…

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