Judas Priest – Sad Wings Of Destiny (Review)

Judas Priest – Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976)

The modern idea of “heavy metal” starts here. Judas Priest’s seminal sophomore album Sad Wings Of Destiny laid down the template for countless others to follow with its evil, slashing riffs, demonic guitar duels and the screaming, theatrical vocals of the one-and-only Rob Halford. This 1976 album contains four peerless classics in the humungous Victim Of Changes, the thrashing Genocide, Tyrant and the malevolent The Ripper. And, while less innovative, the deep cuts like the orchestral Prelude, psychedelic Dreamer Deceiver and the funereal Epitaph give the album a mournful, gothic construction that makes this the Priest to hear if you’re a crucifix-necklaced, flare-wearing, doom metal type. Supposedly the album’s A and B sides were accidentally reversed on initial release so we’ve all been listening to it in the wrong order. But it doesn’t matter. Listen to this any way you like: forwards, backwards, up, down, shuffle. Either way it’s a masterpiece. Actually… maybe avoid listening to it backwards. Just in case.

[Judas Priest – Genocide]

27 thoughts on “Judas Priest – Sad Wings Of Destiny (Review)”

  1. I have heard it plenty in both orders. Same with Kiss Dynasty actually– my tape had the sides flipped. I think in many ways this could be Priest’s very best, I mean what can I add here? Not much!

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  2. This post does not show up in my reader yet i was notified about it in my gmail account?!
    Last week I was in Spam Hell at MR 867 5309 ..err sorry I meant Mr 1538’s site and now HMO is invisible on my Reader!
    What gives man…
    I like how you can review this stuff in a paragraph! Well Done…
    I have to track down a copy of this album at some point…

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  3. Somehow missed this one. Sorrio! You got me curious about this one… especially so given you and Mike are talking about it being their best (say what!? Haven’t you guys heard SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!???????)

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      1. I don’t really know much before the 80’s stuff, but obviously Screaming… is my favourite. First Priest album I heart start to finish, too. So I guess maybe I’m always gonna opt for that one.

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      1. I was planning on doing Mercyful Fate/King Diamond reviews when I’m done with the R.E.M. series. I know Harrison will hate those too, because high vocals are too much for his ears. Must remind of him of the sound of crying baby kangaroos or something.

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