Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise (Review)

Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise (1990)

The punishingly bleak death metal on Paradise Lost’s 1990 debut Lost Paradise makes it the odd-one-out in a discography more renowned for gothic melody. But the five teenagers had only been together about a year before being faced with the challenge of recording their first record and, despite not having found their voice yet, they make a pretty decent fist of it. A lack of songcraft means it all kind of mushes together but they already have their doleful mix of riff and lead guitar down, there’s the occasional decent hook (“where is your God now?”), and the whole thing has a entrancingly subterranean atmosphere. And Lost Paradise has proven pretty influential in its own right as one of the earliest albums to slow death metal down to a miserable crawl. The Yorkshiremen would do much better with subsequent releases but fans of meat and potatoes death/doom could do a lot worse than check this out.

21 thoughts on “Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise (Review)”

      1. I’ll denounce them as ‘unclean’ and ‘foreign’ in our new Brexit reality and everyone will have to burn them and listen to music on some entirely new, inferior British music format named after Churchill*.
        (*prime minister, not the dog from the advert).

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  1. In other Doom n Gloom news have u heard the news Scott that Voi Vod won a Juno ( Canada’s version of the Grammy) last night?
    Good on em getting recognized by the suits after 35 years!

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  2. Man that riff combined with the bell at the start was somehow Sabbath. \m/ \m/ Based on that track alone, and not really having heard much else PL except on your site, I’d say these are promising beginnings!

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