Faith No More – Angel Dust (Review)

Faith No More – Angel Dust (1992)

It’s tempting to see 1992’s Angel Dust as a deliberate and contrarian attempt to confuse fans following the unexpected success and “funk metal” pigeonholing of 1989’s The Real Thing. But that album was already weird enough, with its vibrant range of styles and Mike Patton’s darkly humourous lyrics. So, with Patton now fully involved in the band’s musical direction rather than just vocals and lyrics, Faith No More were really just evolving naturally: becoming weirder and more eclectic than ever before. Scathing, metallic rockers like the sarcastic Land Of Sunshine and the jackhammer Caffeine mingle with the sample-heavy melodic genius of Midlife Crisis, Everything’s Ruined and A Small Victory. But the album is at its best when it goes all Alice Cooper. RV‘s quirky portrayal of a trailer park slob has moments of soaring pathos and the album’s choicest deep cut Crack Hitler is a funky soundtrack for the best 70s TV action show you’ve never seen. It’s not all perfect. The cover of Midnight Cowboy is a pointless coda and I find the noisemare tracks Malpractice and Jizzlobber a bit uneventful. But even they still contribute to the dark, weird totality and I doubt Faith No More wanted anyone to like all of this. The contrary buggers. Like the cover’s pairing of a majestic egret with images of a slaughterhouse… Angel Dust is both beautiful and hideous. A challenging masterpiece. So sing and rejoice, sing and rejoice.

Original Back Cover
Back Cover of 2015 Deluxe Edition

41 thoughts on “Faith No More – Angel Dust (Review)”

  1. I liked that first album the one with Epic and the live video what was it called something bastards than FNM and Patton were ‘meh’ live opening for Metallica/Gunners as Patton was in the frog position by the monitors on stage. Couldn’t even see him if it wasn’t for the video screens I would have only heard him and never seen him.
    Bailed on these guys after that…

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      1. Haha! Sweet! My fave Bungle tunes are Carousel, Stubb (A Dub), and Air Conditioned Nightmare…Mondo Cane is an interesting solo album from him as well, showcases Patton’s gift for creating characters!

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  2. Y’know, I’ve had this album for, what, 20+ years and I still don’t love it. One of those I wanted to like more than I ever did. Though I felt that about Faith No More in general. Strange that I was / am so enthusiastic about their reunion a few years back, eh?

    I’ll give this one some time this week.

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    1. The reunion album was accessible but I don’t think it’s quite up with their best stuff. Good though.

      This is an album that I had to get into a song at a time. You’ve probably just not listened to it enough or you’ve not listened to it properly or you’re just basically inferior in some way. Or your love of the HOMME has clouded your judgement.

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      1. No, it is up there with their best stuff. In fact, IT IS their best stuff. So there.

        I do keep promising to revisit Faith No More and never do. I will, though. Starting with this. Today or tomorrow.

        Right after I listen to some Queens of the Stone Age, obviously.

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      2. I don’t think so.

        I’m gonna listen to some Faith No More tomorrow and then I’m officially be like the Oracle on all things Faith No More.

        We’ll see who is mental then, pal.

        Not me. No sir.

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      3. In all seriousness, I getcha.

        I love it. Sounds weighty… very focused… and the album art is sinister.

        And I know a few actual Faith No More fans who aren’t much into it. They’re very much of the opinion that it’s a bit flat.

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