Witch Cross – Face Of A Clown

“You’re begging for mercy tonight”

There’s a killer on the loose in this highlight from Witch Cross’ 1984 debut album Fit For Fight. And a clown-faced one at that. The worst kind. Although this Danish band were geographically excluded from the movement, this track definitely has some raw New Wave Of British Heavy Metal magic to it. Funereal keyboards set the creepy tone before the predatory riffing kicks in. Brilliant Rhoads-esque guitar work here and the appropriately-named vocalist Alex Savage delivers the song’s deadly hooks with soaring ease. Highly recommended for fans of early Maiden, Riot and Witch Cross’ fellow countrymen Mercyful Fate. It’s jester killer.

18 thoughts on “Witch Cross – Face Of A Clown”

    1. Total classic Kev. Alex really hit the high notes on this eh?

      That’s cool about the series, did not know that!

      I have the box set with this album on it but I bought the reissue High Roller put out last year too. Sounds great! And I got their Fighting Back comp too… brilliant stuff. Hope the new album is going well!


  1. High Rollers have been great with the reissues, we enjoy working with them. The new album is all recorded, we have the wonderful Mike Exeter (Sabbath/Priest) mixing it. Looking to release early 2020.

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      1. Yeah, Dimitar Nikolov is a great artist. He did exactly what we needed – if you look, it’s a follow on from the first album the warrior sailing to avenge the death of the buxom wenches ! 😎

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