Queensrÿche – Prophecy

“Begotten are the fools who’ll never know”

I was first introduced to Queensrÿche’s Prophecy via the live version on the Building Empires VHS, before acquiring the studio version as the bonus track on the CD reissue of the band’s 1983 debut EP. Nowadays you’ll find it as a bonus track on the reissue of 1984’s The Warning because it was written during that era but I’ve since discovered it wasn’t actually recorded until the sessions for their 1986 album Rage For Order! Bloody hell. But it doesn’t really matter because this song holds it own anywhere. It’s got the classy Rage For Order production sheen but its traditional melodic metal style fits in nicely on The Warning and the EP. Some extremely bouncy riffing, catchy hooks, nice vocal harmonies and some nifty and memorable guitar soloing from Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton make Prophecy a standout favourite… wherever you hear it.

26 thoughts on “Queensrÿche – Prophecy”

  1. The Prophecy is a cool song. I like it. QR live in Tokyo ’84 (VHS 1985) was my first listen of The Prophecy. The “bouncy” tempo seemed upbeat in a character that felt different to both their EP and The Warning album, imo. I rented the Video at Wild Rags. Back then, it was a mystery track for me as I couldn’t tell if it was older than the denser sounding EP or for the next album. Years later I bought it with the EP on Itunes. You’re right about how it fits well between the two. I can hear it better now.

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    1. I think the clip on Building Empires was taken from that Tokyo show so looks like we both heard it there first! The upbeat feel is definitely a bit different from the other EP/Warning stuff. All that stuff was quite moody and serious. And it wouldn’t have been weird enough for Rage For Order I imagine…


      1. I really like that Promsied Land album as I was listening to it the other day. So I guess I’m at the opposite specturm of what your lsitening to from the Ryche lately.

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      2. Have you ever saw them? Only other time I saw them was on the OMII tour when they were playing both albums. That was OK but Promised Land tour was in a different league. So glad I caught them while DeGarmo was still around.

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      3. No I never caught them live Scott. Had an oppurtunity on the Empire Tour but there were other tours I had tickets too so somethig had to give and it was Quuensryche.
        Hindight was 20/20 should have caught em since they are a mess without Degramo.

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