Death – God Of Thunder

“I was raised by the demons”

In the early 90s, it seemed like everyone and their dog was recording covers of classic KISS. And death metal pioneers Death were no exception, taking a break from the complex technicality of their 1991 Human album to throw down a cover of God Of Thunder. Originally used as a Japanese bonus track, the cover was presumably intended more as a bit of fun than an important artistic statement as the band don’t do anything radical with the track. Outside of Chuck Schuldiner’s tortured vocals, the relentless double-bass drums and a flashier guitar solo, it’s all pretty faithful to the version on KISS’ Destroyer album. What I find interesting is that, despite the extreme metal growls and drumming, the KISS version remains darker, heavier and cooler. So, although it’s a fun listen in its own right, it also does a good job of reminding you just how powerful KISS were. I guess all those bands were covering their stuff for a reason.

11 thoughts on “Death – God Of Thunder”

  1. Nice choice and I love going to obscure route with a cover. Pretty cool. It is such a dark song and these guys make it even more evil. Love it! And to think Paul wrote this one. I actually like Paul’s version too…not as much as Gene’s, but still cool.

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  2. Yep Human is a great album. Their cover of GoT is okay. The Kiss version will never be topped
    My cousin is/was a huge Death fan. And even though I liked some of the earlier stuff like Pull The Plug, i started to become a fan with the more technical songwriting and really enjoyed Control Denied.

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