Alice In Chains – God Smack

“What in God’s name have you done?”

Alice In Chains’ 1992 album Dirt is widely associated with heroin addiction and features many great songs ridden with anguish, turmoil and death. But there are actually only three songs on it that specifically reference drug use. And you’re not getting any points for guessing that God Smack is one of them. It’s got the woozy, sick Layne Staley vocals and an upbeat wah-drenched chorus but musically it’s one of the album’s least remarkable tracks. However, the title and its unflinching portrayal of someone for whom heroin has become everything, gives it a thematic and lyrical importance that makes it a key deep cut on the album even if it’s no great shakes when listened to in isolation.

16 thoughts on “Alice In Chains – God Smack”

  1. I bought this album when It dropped back in 92. Down In A Hole has to been one of their best ones in my opinion. Caught them when they open for Halen in Nov/91. Crazy to think you had these guys playing there style of rock than Halen comes out doing there party rock. It actually was a great bill.

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      1. Interesting. I’ve got a Thrash doc where the Anthrax guys talk about them. But they criticise them and other grunge bands too. Saying that they all got breaks from big metal acts taking them out but none of them took out metal bands when they had made it.

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  2. What? no love for Godsmack the band?

    Like you, HMO the song is okay but the darkness and the difficulties of coping with addiction makes this song like a chapter in a book.

    On the point of the AIC darkness, I remember listening to the song Down In A Hole while I was driving home from my work with my work mate and after it finished, he goes to me, “i feel like crashing the car right now”. Powerful song.

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