Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?

“Give me more wine, I don’t need bread”

If you’re going to trudge through a slow doomfest you need quality riffs and lyrics, depth of feeling and strong atmosphere and Black Sabbath’s God Is Dead? falls flat on all fronts. It goes on way too long, the brickwalled production has zero atmosphere, the vocals are flat and the lyrics are either boring or clumsy light/night, doom/tomb stuff. The chorus is pretty good, especially the second time round where it is extended out in a moment of rousing emotion. But the band don’t capitalise on this flash of brilliance and the song continues with a series of unremarkable riffs and an unusually uninspired solo from Tony Iommi. Not sure if God has snuffed it or not but this song is disappointingly bereft of life.

22 thoughts on “Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?”

  1. HAHAHA. Everything you wrote about I feel opposite. I dig this track as like that lumbering stomp but I do agree with you that they could have shaved off a few minutes.
    Still though I’m actually quite fond of that 13 album ,even today.

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      1. Well I think you know where I stand on Rick Rubin. No shoes, get off the couch.

        I dunno, I was really psyched for this album back in 2013. I never play it now. I remember liking this song but it was never the best song. Maybe the easiest to use as a single.

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      2. I don’t. Interestingly I was reading interviews with Akira from Loudness and InFinite by Deep Purple was his favourite album of 2017. I liked it too. Never listen to it.

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      1. Did you ever see Anchorman? It reminds me of when someone accidentally put a question mark on the teleprompter and the anchor read, I’m Ron Burgundy?
        The statement becomes a question?!

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  2. I didn’t mind the 13 album but it was just typical of what was been released at that point in time btw 2008 and 2013.
    Bands going back and recreating popular songs and album feels. Metallica did it, Dream Theater did it, Def Leppard did it and a few other bands that I can’t remember right now.
    2 out of 5 seems fair

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    1. I don’t think it’s meant to be funny but that line makes me chuckle every time I hear this song.

      I’ve got a few Sleep albums but I find them a bit dull. I prefer my doom evil and/or epic. The bands that are more stoner-y tend to leave me a bit cold.

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