Behemoth – God=Dog

“I shall cast the pearls before the swine”

God=Dog asks the burning question that’s been on all our lips for so long: “is a god to live in a dog?” But in addition to settling that issue once and for all, it’s also a pretty good metal song. It’s definitely one of the most memorable tracks from 2018s I Loved You At Your Darkest. Solid evil blasting paced out with dramatic and melodic black metal riffs. And don’t let the daft title put you off. There is thoughtful and arcane imagery in the lyrics and it’s the sort of layered, cryptic stuff that obsessives can er… obsess over endlessly. The use of children’s voices is a bit too cheesy for my liking and I think the songs finale would have been climatic enough without them. Probably more so. But overall, an enjoyable and catchy burst of blasphemy from Nergal and crew. Oh yeah, and the answer is “no”.

26 thoughts on “Behemoth – God=Dog”

      1. I know you’d like them. I have my personal Canadian bias. I also love accents that you can hear in songs, and sometimes I can pick up on their French. Lyrics are brilliant, artwork is brilliant. Anyway I’m done my salesman pitch. LOL

        Hey you sell me stuff ALL the time. Jen knows.

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      2. Ah so what you have is the thrashiest era, and starting to move into the technical side with Dimension Hatross. By the time you get to Nothingface which is I think two albums later, they evolved to their fully technical mode. Things got complicated after that. Angel Rat is the album where the record company started having an unwanted influence on the music, I believe they forced the band into remixing a couple songs. Blacky left at that point.

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      3. Tom and Meat were all over their last album, they both put it on their lists which got me to buy it. While I liked it when listening to it, I can’t tell you how the songs go anymore.

        I love the first album with Newsted, and Nothingface, and Angel Rat. The Outer Limits is good, they did another Floyd cover on it, The Nile Song.

        I’d say Nothingface is the ONE, though.

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      4. Although I don’t think the Eric Forrest is as good, I REALLY love the title track from Phobos. It’s phenomenal to me.

        I love that weird — what is it? — a droning sound. AT 1:15 of the song, and repeating. Vocals on this are very Mike Patton with the distortion.

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      1. BAHAHAHAHA. That tour is going to be scrapped. Ron Young posted on his facecrack age today a pic of an empty stadium and posted that he has sold as many tickets as the Crue. lol

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  1. Interesting point about the child voices – I imagine most would agree they enhance ‘another brick’ but I’m struggling to think of another song where child voices enhance the tune, rather than seeming a bit much

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