Fleetwood Mac – The Green Manalishi: Live 1970

“Come sneaking around, trying to drive me mad”

HMO salutes Peter Green, who has died aged 73. There are many superb tunes I could pick as a tribute to the gifted guitarist, vocalist and founder of Fleetwood Mac. I toyed with Sandy Mary, Oh Well, Jumping At Shadows, Man Of The World and I Loved Another Woman: all personal faves. But given this is a metal site I’m going to go with The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown). Even if you’re not familiar with Fleetwood Mac, I’m sure you all know this song from Judas Priest’s cover versions on Hell Bent For Leather and Unleashed In The East. They turned it into a great souped-up rocker and their interpretation is very enjoyable. But I don’t think this song was really intended to be enjoyable. It was written during a period of LSD-induced mental health struggles and was inspired by a particularly vivid nightmare which Green interpreted as being about the evil of money and success. The Mac version is as dark, ominous and anguished as its subject matter. Doubly so on this extended live take recorded in Boston in 1970. It’s a musical dark night of the soul. Enjoy!

27 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac – The Green Manalishi: Live 1970”

  1. Great great song. My favorite (I know you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway 😉) is I’m so Afraid off their 1975 self titled album. But he wasn’t involved. My favorite of his with them was Ive Lost my Baby off Mr. Wonderful. So bluesy and good. I clean the house to it because I am old.

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  2. Beautiful sensitive guitarist. My mate has the 5LP (I think) set of this gig and I really, really want it. It’s music to get wasted to and spin on out into the cosmos on the grooves …

    I’d imagine.

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      1. As Mr Green would have been the first to tell you.

        He was never the same after the coaster incident in Germany. They say they switched one of his coasters with a whole placemat.

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      1. You go way back. I’m a huge fan of the album after ‘Play On’, ‘Live In Chicago’. Those first albums are where i live with Mac. The Green factor. The softer gentler ideas started to get involved. Lots of folks liked the new direction. I’ll let them enjoy themselves.
        Some real good stuff with Greens solo work. More laid back and subtle but works for me,

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  3. Holy smokes!! What a scorcher! I’ve always loved this (Mac) song but hadn’t heard a live version before. Do you enthusiastically recommend Live in Boston? I’ve got Shrine ’69 recorded a year earlier and, while great, seems a world away from this jam; much more trad. blues.

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    1. Yes I’d recommend it whole heartedly. There’s some really dark and heavy rock on it. Sandy Mary is awesome. They still do the blues stuff… Jumping At Shadows will give you the chills. And there’s fun rock n’ roll pastiches from Spencer. Just make sure you get the full 3CD version.

      I’ve not heard Shrine 69 so I’m gonna look into that.

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