Deep Purple – Throw My Bones

“You do your thing, you do your best”

Deep Purple have been a huge part of my musical life. For years I would have said they were my favourite band. But I’ve not been a big fan of their current MkVIII lineup and I’ve been fairly certain that I wasn’t going to even bother with their upcoming album Whoosh! But now I’ve heard their new song Throw My Bones and… just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. On one hand it’s still MkVIII doing what they do: mild funky rock, smug vamping and Steve Morse’s interchangeable guitar solos. But on the other hand, its joyful, playful feel and catchy chorus has got me wanting to hear more. I’ve been listening to their last album inFinite again and whoosh! I’m looking forward to the new Deep Purple album.

(Throw My Bones is available on the free CD that comes with the latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine along with two live bonus tracks from 2017)

14 thoughts on “Deep Purple – Throw My Bones”

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to the upcoming Whoosh! and these advance tracks. I hadn’t been paying attention for some reason. I like this song quite a bit (and quite a bit more than ‘Man Alive’ to be honest). I’ll absolutely buy Whoosh! but don’t find myself necessarily counting the days.

    Interesting that you are going back to Infinite more of late. I reacted positively when it came out but then seem to have forgotten it. I play Now What?!” much more often.

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    1. I couldn’t get into Now What?! at all. So I’m going to give it another go, since I’m in such a forgiving mood!

      I’m in the same boat as you with this. Man Alive didn’t really register but I listened to it again and it’s a grower. I don’t think I’ll be a first day Whoosh! buyer either but I’ll get it soon I reckon.


  2. My preference does lie with Man Alive, but I just wish that there was bloody more of it than just the two awesome verses and a solo. I don’t need all that talking and atmospheric fluff, give me music or give me death!

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