Trapeze – Jury

“Point now your finger of scorn”

I was listening to Cirith Ungol’s King Of The Dead today and reading through the liner notes. In the booklet their guitarist Greg Lindstrom said they got the idea for their song Finger Of Scorn from a line in a Trapeze song called Jury. It’s a cool bit of trivia for any keen Ungolians out there but it also shows those Cirith Ungol guys have great taste because Jury is an awesome track. It’s taken from Trapeze’s second album Medusa and it’s one of those gripping light/shade tracks in the vein of what Budgie, UFO, Priest and the like were also up to in the early/mid 70s. Peaceful pastoral acoustics are disturbed by a riff of monster proportions. And HMO-favourite Glenn Hughes is on spine-chilling vocal form, especially in the heavier parts where his delivery of lines like “the writing’s on the wall” will give you pure metal goosebumps.

(And just to add to all the Trapeze excitement, I’ve now noticed that Cherry Red/Purple Records are putting out deluxe 3CD reissues of the band’s first three albums in September. Medusa included.)

29 thoughts on “Trapeze – Jury”

  1. Funny how this song appeared again in my life again, in the space of a fortnight as I’ve been doing a Glen Hughes playlist from all of his recordings and guest appearances on other artists albums like John Norum and George Lynch

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      1. He’s got some cool instrumentals, Hughes sings on two tracks, Ray Gillen on another and Nelson twins on another plus another vocalist I can’t remember. Slash did something similar in the 2000s with different vocalists.

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  2. A lot of Hughes’ deliveries (e.g. “Put down your finger of scorn…”) sounds like a very Ungolian style prediction that would come later on. Choice selection, my friend!!

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    1. I’ve not heard the first. There was a third called ‘You Are The Music’ which was great. More like the funky rock side, nothing like Jury on it. But it was still great and had Coast To Coast which is a classic! I think they did albums after Hughes left too but I’ve not heard them ether.

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