Helloween – How Many Tears: Live In The U.K.

“Unite! It’s not too late”

Back to 1989 for a song that puts the “power” into power metal. It’s German legends Helloween with a storming version of How Many Tears from their Live In The U.K. album. It’s a full-on assault of pounding vrrrs, grrrs and drrrs. The riffs are Scorpions-on-steroids, late drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg is on ferocious form and when the intro riff returns after a dreamy interlude it manages the impossible feat of being even more gigantic than before.

It’s also a thrill to hear Michael Kiske add his high-flying vocal stamp to a song originally sung by the grittier Kai Hansen (who just plays guitar here). And I believe this is the last recording to feature both Kiske and Hansen until they reunited with the band in 2017. Both are set to appear on the band’s new studio album Helloween, released 18th June. If the album is even half as good as this then I’ll be one happy pumpkin.

17 thoughts on “Helloween – How Many Tears: Live In The U.K.”

      1. That is really saying something. You have heard two or three live albums in your years so you know what you are talking about!

        Imagine if more of our favourite bands did reunions like this. You’d have Deep Purple with Blackmore, Morse, Coverdale and Gillan!

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  1. I bought the I Want Out Ep from what 1989? maybe?? I liked that Dr Stein tune and than for some reason I never bothered with them after that. I should check out Apple Music and see what they got!

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    1. Makes sense. I remember reviews at the time focusing on the thrash element, especially with Walls Of Jericho. You can really hear it on this.

      The whole power metal idea came much later I think eh? And traced back here. I don’t remember the term being used at the time.

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      1. I can’t remember for sure but that sounds about right. Mid-to-late 90s I’d have guessed. Probably around when Hammerfall started and then it was getting used to describe bands like Helloween and Manowar that were always just “metal” to me. Never used to like the term but I kinda get it now in terms of the distinctions… I use it sparingly. If it’s got the Euro, happy, beer drinking thing then yeah. So I get why Helloween fit in the story.

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  2. This is all the goodness. Or Hellness. Whateverness. I can get with this. Maybe just what I need to get into some Helloween (I keep thinking Hello, Ween… y’know? Not similar, obviously, but makes me smile… what am I talking about here? What the Hell was in my coffee!?).

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