Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards: EP Version

“Before a mighty Emperor thereupon came”

The narrator of I Am The Black Wizards has been a ruler for eternities and is so mighty that the souls and spirits of numerous obedient wizards now belong to him. Or something like that. Whatever is going on, it’s metal as fuck. And it’s black metal 101 too, an essential track from a mandatory band. Taken from their debut 1993 EP Emperor, this is absolutely caustic stuff with an unforgettable guitar melody snaking through the furnace of noise. I Am The Black Wizards was recorded again for Emperor’s debut album In The Nightside Eclipse and that version is even better than this. But this version came first so it has a special importance and its cavernous cacophony has an appeal of its own.

12 thoughts on “Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards: EP Version”

  1. I alwas loved that this was plural.
    I got much amusement from it as a teen. That and My Dying Bride having a misspelling of “trun” instead of “turn” were quite the in joke talking point among my teenage friend group back in the day

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  2. Dudes just looking like they’re having SO MUCH FUN in the pic. Come on guys, you’ve got a great job where you get to play dress up and wear make up, at least smile!

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