Fist – Throwing In The Towel

“Speed gone, reflex missing”

Neat Records’ 1981 release Lead Weight was one of the best NWOBHM compilations, featuring a whole bunch of songs you couldn’t hear anywhere else. My favourite of the bunch is Fist’s Throwing In The Towel. It tells the tale of an ageing boxer lured into the ring for a comeback bout… only to realise his thunder-crapping days are behind him. It’s got a wonderfully downtrodden chorus and there’s real tension in the verses as the staccato vocals punch and jab. It’s brilliant, inventive stuff that holds its own amongst the compilation’s heavy-hitters like Raven and Venom. Unfortunately, Throwing In The Towel was the last song this lineup of Fist released which is a shame… they could have been contenders.

11 thoughts on “Fist – Throwing In The Towel”

      1. Yeah, I only know that because we had to watch the movie in college for a history class or something like that. Apollo’s death is probably the most brutal thing I’ve ever seen on film.

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  1. That’s a cool track. I like the bassline lead into the crisp guitars. The verse tension is great to feel in the narration. The fade out chorus seemed so fitting too as if fading out of conscious, possibly. Thanks for sharing, Scott. We all need to pick ourselves up sometimes and it came at a good time for me.
    I tried to write down the lyrics to add to their void at Metal Archives. If you get a chance, Scott, let me know of errors.

    Throwing In the Towel, Fist (UK), 1981

    Big night, big comeback
    Name call, crowds roaring
    Memories flood back
    Ten years go fast
    Old man, fit wasteland
    Hear the young boys
    Buzz a tagline
    Quick glance, eyes staring
    and youth just gunning

    I feel like throwing in the towel
    I feel like throwing in the towel

    Duck, weave, jab, back up
    Speed gun reflex missing
    Flow stings head seams
    Got to clear my mind
    Pace in sidestep
    Left hook, right crosses
    Punch, block chin open
    And caught flat footed

    I feel like throwing in the towel
    I feel like throwing in the towel

    Well I never wanted to return
    But the kept asking me
    When are we gonna see?

    (guitar solo)

    3 stars, mouth gaping
    Roar on, legs shaking
    Get up, crowd screaming
    White eyes, blood streaming
    5 count, deep breathing
    Legs got my brain spinnin’
    8 count, I’m moving
    Not sure who I’m fooling


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    1. Glad it hit the spot for you. I’ve never been able to find the lyrics for this tracks anywhere. I even contacted the band but they didn’t reply. I think there’s a couple of bits there that I’d change but I’ll have another listen through and get back to you.

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