Brian May – Resurrection

“Got a whole new direction”

Brian may have been through a tough time with the breakup of his marriage and the deaths of both his father and Freddie Mercury but in 1993 he was back. And sounding rejuvenated on the soaring Resurrection, raising an erection with awesome guitar and the pounding drums of Cozy F. Powell – who was also back after being crushed by a horse in the early 90s! They both sound like they’re having the best time, May playing heavy and flashy but with a loose exuberance, driven on by an absolute arse-kicking from Powell that sends Resurrection into Sabbath Tyr territory. Fuck yes. Two rock legends, back with a bang.

23 thoughts on “Brian May – Resurrection”

  1. Really funny you posted this. Even since getting the Queen Miracle box set I’ve been meaning to catch up on my Brian May. All I own are Starfleet and Live at Brixton.

    Cozy Frank Powell I’m sure you mean right? LOL

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      1. I WILL get that. The Miracle box set — I have been enthusing all weekend about it with Tim Durling. Money well spent for me, my friend. Some of the first takes, and alternate versions? I’m thinking “This should have been on the album”. I also played the LP of Miracle yesterday with Too Much Love Will Kill You, and I have to say it was really pristine, great sounding record.

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  2. Stirring track, Scott. I also enjoyed the drama of the deeper registered, thick vocal harmony part between Powell’s highlight and May’s guitar solo. The song has that Queen theatrical flair that’s a joyful to listen. Thanks for sharing.

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