Nocturnus – Destroying the Manger


“Chronometer reading 0 B.C.”

As my Top 10 Albums of the Year proved, “death metal in space” was a big thing in 2016. So let’s travel back in time to 1990 and the album that started it all: Nocturnus’ The Key and this excellent blast of sci-fi horror. Some sort of evil cyborg has invented a time machine and set a course for the date 0 B.C. He has only one goal: kill the baby Jesus!

“Blasting away Father, Mother, and Child/laughing hysterically all of the while” the cyborg proves to be devastatingly successful in his mission. And Destroying the Manger proves devastatingly successful too: a wild shred-fest of riffs and solos that gets down to serious moshing business at 4:10. And check out the prominent keyboards too… Nocturnus going where no death metal band had gone before.

24 thoughts on “Nocturnus – Destroying the Manger”

      1. Lou Panzer was high profile to me as a death metal keyboardist. I liked his profile talking about head banging on his keyboards in concert. The Hard ‘N Heavy video series was my intro to the band.

        Yeah, the riffage is neck wrecking.

        Baby Jesus had a few enemies. King Harrods, his soldiers, Nocturnus…

        “Innocence is no excuse. ” – Crusader Trump

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      2. I remember them getting quite a push on music TV back then. Saw them on a lot of programmes. Was always impressed by the singing/drumming. And joking aside, I agree the keyboards are very effective here… and Panzer is an amazing surname!

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  1. I don’t know, man. If somebody was going to go to all the trouble of building a time-travelling cyborg, they might have put a little extra time into giving it the ability to speak clearly. All the resources spent on pentagram-shaped, infant targeting lasers?

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      1. pentagram-shaped, infant targeting lasers are keewwllll.- This gets me laughing out loud.

        I like to imagine Browning directing Seagrave, via head mic, to portray the assassin interchanging the compact disk version of Shout at the Devil for Rush’s 2112. The dashboard player won’t recognise any other shapes. Trapazoids, go eff yourself.

        “Uh, Mike, hold please, I’ve getting a pentagram preorder from a Proscriptor.”

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