Omen – Be My Wench

“Bearing the gifts of sex and wine”

Tired of crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and all that? Why not let off some steam with Omen’s Be My Wench? This is top metal cobblers, it’s got a chorus that you’ll never get out of your head and it’s also got the kind of raunchy lyrics that most po-faced modern bands wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. But if you’re going to do Conan metal there needs to be some shagging in there. It’s the barbarian way.

25 thoughts on “Omen – Be My Wench”

  1. The guy second from left looks like he’s just woken up after a mammoth 4-month Tequila binge and is seriously trying to work out why he’s dressed as a barbarian love god, when the last thing he can remember was workign in accounts.

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  2. Yas! Glad you posted this, a worthy runner-up to the celebrated album cover of the week award and I was really interested in hearing what they sounded like.

    … I’m actually really liking this. Not what I was expecting at all.

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      1. No, they don’t. I like the fact that the vocal isn’t shrieky, which is what I thought it might be. Obviously I’m new to the whole metal thing, but I can hear traces of stuff I know in there. Quite fast riffage, but the vocals are what makes this for me.

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