Savage – Let it Loose

“We’re not here to read your rights”

Savage’s relatively late debut album (1983’s Loose N’ Lethal) might make them seem like one of the few New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands that couldn’t lay a claim to being an influence on the mighty Metallica. But, far from being Johnny-Come-Latelies, Savage had already been around for a while. By 1981 they had already released a demo, a single and made two appearances on a compilation album Scene of the Crime. One of those compilation tracks was the classic Let it Loose and it soon made its way into the hands of, you guessed it, Lars Ulrich. Only appearing in early Metallica live sets and on a demo tape, it’s not one of the more famous or celebrated Metallica NWOBHM covers but there’s a strong whiff of the thrash giants’ early style here. And although ‘tallica didn’t exactly pass it off as one of their own they weren’t in a hurry to draw attention to the fact that it was a cover either. And, if any listeners thought it was one of their own original songs, that was fine by them too. Have a listen to the 1981 Scene of the Crime version of the track here to hear why.

[Savage – Let it Loose]

18 thoughts on “Savage – Let it Loose”

  1. I recall reading about these guys in Kerrang back in the day when I could get my hands on a copy of the mag. It’s amazing how many bands Metallica have acknowledged…Just read the other day one of the dudes I believe from Diamond Head or Budgie can’t recall said they didn’t make a dime in there day but when Metallica recorded there stuff it bought a house for the Diamond Head or Budgie guy ..whoever it was…
    Good on Metallica doing that kind of stuff….

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      1. I can say what I like about Lars? Hoo hoo, brace yourself!

        Yeah he either really knew his stuff, or someone was telling him about these bands, or he was reading a lot of magazines…

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