Deep Purple – Fingers To The Bone

“Everything went wrong, I’m sorry boys I’ve got to let you go”

Abandon, Deep Purple’s second album with guitarist Steve Morse, didn’t quite reach the high standard set by its joyous and adventurous predecessor Purpendicular. But it did feature a batch of great, underrated tracks and Fingers To The Bone is a standout that ranks among my favourites of the Morse era. It’s the sound of a veteran band ageing gracefully: Purple depicting the harsh blow of job losses with thoughtful lyrics, beautiful guitar parts and a folky, proggy muso confidence that reminds me of 80s Tull albums like The Broadsword And The Beast. A rich and rewarding deep cut that proved Purple were far from redundant.

30 thoughts on “Deep Purple – Fingers To The Bone”

    1. I think, chances are, you probably do! Bananas is due a revisit though… been a while and I’m feeling generous about Morse era Purps at the moment. But it was very disappointing at the time. Is Razzle Dazzle possibly the worst ever Deep Purple song?

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      1. Rock stars seem to do a lot of that sort of thing. I hardly dare to listen to music these days since someone told me Peter Gabriel wasn’t really singing about a heavy duty implement best held in two hands for maximum impact.

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      1. So far I’ve heard (and like) In Rock, Come Taste the Band, fireball, Machine Head, Infinite, and a couple of live ones a pal threw me – two Montreux sets.

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