Blitzkrieg – Buried Alive (Review)

Blitzkrieg – Buried Alive [CD Reissue from Skol Records]

Blitzkrieg only managed to release one official 7″ single before splitting up in late 1981. Otherwise, they had some demos in circulation and a song Inferno on the Lead Weight compilation. Luckily for Blitzkrieg, their solitary release was impressive enough that Metallica ended up covering its eponymous B-side. This bestowed infamy and cult credibility to the defunct band and ensured their return in 1985.

But luck didn’t really have much to do with it cause Blitzkrieg is superb. The unforgettable opening riff might have been purloined from the Focus classic Hocus Pocus but it doesn’t matter because Blitzkrieg conjure up their own metal magic here. The mega-chunk guitars, deadly hooks (“let us have peace, let us have life”) and a dynamic rifferama climax make this mandatory listening. And the less-famous A-side Buried Alive isn’t too shabby either. Stark, driving metal with a piercingly catchy chorus. Just ignore the Bolanesque nonsense lyrics “the Leather Prince, turned to mince”… I can see why Metallica steered clear of that one.

27 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg – Buried Alive (Review)”

    1. I don’t think I’d heard their version until later on too. Maybe the Garage Inc comp?

      Anyhoo… the version on Lars’ NWOBHM album is the same as this one… the best version. A lot of comps use a later version but this is the best one! Lars knows…


      1. Yes there was. It was a reissue. A buddy had it on cassette. It was the first time I heard the album. I paused and said “WOAH! I know that song!”

        The album was deleted in 94-95. It was going for major coin. Then it was reissued without the two bonus tracks. My CD copy has them. Hard to imagine a time when a Metallica album was deleted. But it happened. Contractual re-negotiations, I believe.

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      2. My friend had it with the bonus tracks. I didnt. I think that version was a US import, couldn’t get it here. He was always over on the US so he came back with cool stuff like that! Even the KEA tab book had those two songs in it!


  1. Ahh, I see – mincing leather princes – mince pies – Christmas … you’re a smooth operator Scott, I now see that this is in fact a Christmas single. way better than that Jonah Lomu cavalry one too.

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      1. Hocus Pocus was always a hit with metal guys. Gotta love that riff! And a few bands have covered it over the years. Iron Maiden and Helloween spring to mind.

        I always loved Sylvia personally! Never got round to their albums though… I’ve got a comp but that’s it.

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      2. Metal guys would eat up Hocus Pocus with Ackkerman (good solo albums) going to town. I have a handful of their albums. It was a no brainer for me since I was doing the King Crimson, Yes, thing and the Jazz Fusion thing. Love music connections.
        Sylvia is a toned down piece but very good.
        (I’m still getting mileage out of the list you put together. I’ve taken the ones that caught my ear and put them on my spin list. Thanks again for that. Saved me some time and effort plus i got some new listening)

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      3. I thought I’d get into them cause I love KC, Yes, Tull and the like but hadn’t happened… Yet!

        Sylvia I saw on the Old Grey Whistle Test here and just loved it. Great version if you can find it on YouTube.

        Glad the list was useful. If you ever want any further pointers or recs just hit me up and let me know what stuff you liked.

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      4. I had a friend who had a great sound system and he loved Focus so I guess that was one of the reasons i got into them more than i probably would have.
        Off the top of my head a few that grabbed me were Saxon, Diamond Head, Scorpions, UFO, Mastodon, Opeth and a few others. Not bad huh?

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