Venom – Bloodlust

“Sparing no one, the meek and the mild”

I was thumbing through the booklet that came with Venom’s MMV box set today and a quote from their frontman Cronos jumped out. “In Venom we wanted to be the devil, we wanted to be the vampires!” Well, it doesn’t get more vampiric than their essential non-album single Bloodlust. In fact, the singer refers to himself in the song as “Count Cronos, vampire supreme”. Guitarist Mantas gets a shout out too (this time simply as “Mantas”). That leaves poor drummer Abaddon as the only Venom bloodsucker to not get a mention which is probably why he tries to get everyone’s attention by playing as many of his drums as he possibly can. As often as he can. It’s a chaotic, slightly-out-of-tune mess but it is glorious! Pure punk metal battery, deranged and in your face. Come on, turn it up!

(And because one Venom box set simply isn’t enough here’s the Bloodlust picture disc that came with their 2019 box set In Nomine Satanas)

34 thoughts on “Venom – Bloodlust”

  1. YIKES! This stuff is way out of my league. I’m impressed that you can even decipher that it’s chaotic slightly out of tuned mess. I think Venom would take that as a compliment.

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  2. I made up my mind in the 80s that I would not support a Motörhead copy act. Lol…
    but I do keep checking em out now and then and my mate Hermann (real name Jordan) is one hell of a fan and keeps getting me to check em out.

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      1. Yep they sure did create their niche. When my cousin got into Black metal I was interested as to what influenced this style and everything led back to Venom.

        And I’m like Venom.. the Motörhead act. Lol.

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  3. Something about this song, the way it was released, the way it’s recorded, it’s visceral energy, and the animalistic force of the band’s performance on this record; a stellar example of Venom’s crushing sonic power and why they still have influence today. Great choice!

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