Scorpions – We’ll Burn The Sky

“Through you I was so inspired”

One of the coolest Scorpions tracks ever. We’ll Burn The Sky‘s lyrics were penned by Jimi Hendrix’s last girlfriend Monika Dannemann, who was dating the Scorpions’ guitarist Uli Jon Roth. But weirdly, it wasn’t the Hendrix acolyte Roth that co-wrote the song with her. Move over Roth… and let Rudy take over! The Scorps’ other guitarist Rudolf Schenker put the lyrics to great use as an icy, eerie metal ballad with nice dreamy bits but also lots of electric and angular metal chonk. Not to be outdone, Roth makes his presence felt with plenty of stellar shred. Classic, state-of-the-art stuff for 1977. But ‘scuse me while I… burn this guy? Did they learn nothing from Hendrix?!

39 thoughts on “Scorpions – We’ll Burn The Sky”

      1. Yes, Carter played with Moore, and several other people over the years. When he stopped playing with Moore he quit the rock business for a while.

        I had known about UFO for a long time, but didn’t know much of their stuff, so I went mostly out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. Carter looked like a mod out of quadrophonia, but was really good as a hard-rock guitarist. Not knowing much about the lineup (except that Michael Schenker was no longer with them) I thought “yeah, he’s good, but he’s been doing this for decades”. Only later did I read that he substituted at the last minute.

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  1. There is so much good early Scorpions material which many people have never heard of.

    What other band has two guitarists in most of the top-100 or even top-10 polls? And Matthias Jabs is rather underrated by most people (but not Kirk Hammett).


    1. Great points! I think it gets overlooked how cool and important the Scorps were back then. And Rudolf is maybe underrated too? Really excellent rhythm player and amazing performer. Totally tireless!

      Good to hear from you. Hope you’re doing good!


      1. Rudolf is an excellent rhythm guitarist. I think the only one I’ve seen who came close was Neil Carter. Interestingly, it was when he re-joined UFO after the death of another member and after he had been working as a woodwind teacher for 17 years.

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  2. Not the best Scorpions song I’ve ever heard, but I love the riff! Maybe it’ll just take some time getting used to. As a new hard rock/heavy metal listener, I’m more familiar with the commercial stuff.

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