Abbath – To War!

“Hear the roar of battle-horn”

The HMO Vault starts here! If we’re going alphabetically from A to ZZ Top, the first album in my collection is the self-titled album by Abbath. And that means Abbath‘s opening track To War! is the first song. A perfect song title to kick things off! And, serendipitously, it has a particularly magnificent beginning: a repeated single-note riff of martial boldness that builds up tension and excitement for what’s to follow. The rest of the song is the kind of strong, charging black metal blizzard you’d expect from the ex-Immortal frontman even if it’s never quite as attention-grabbing as that amazing intro. Still, To War! is a great way to kick off an album. And a collection.

20 thoughts on “Abbath – To War!”

    1. You got further than I would have. I’m not actually going to do an A to Z thing… I don’t have the patience for that at all. Was just a way of pointing out that this is the first song if I was doing that.


      1. Fair play, you’d have to break it up somehow. Yeah man, I don’t know why I don’t have a talk with myself before I plunge headlong into this ideas I have. Proof of why women live longer lol

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  1. Also, that band picture cracked me up. It’s like (L-R), dollar store Halloween mask, Wes Craven extra, KISS Army local chapter leader. But them sitting on a bench in front of Abbey Road (is that a photoshop? I’ve never been there) also cracked me up. An epic shite photie.

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    1. It’s amazing. They did a big photo shoot in and around London dressed like this that was completely hilarious. Imagine walking into a pub and seeing that at the bar. That must be what it’s like to be Norwegian.


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