Paradise Lost – Sweetness

“Hatred coming on from greater heights”

Written and recorded specially for Paradise Lost’s 1994 EP Seals The Sense, Sweetness has become a much-loved gem in the band’s discography. Over time its status has been enhanced by its position as a B-Side underdog, to the extent that the band amused themselves by calling it “the greatest song ever written” in a recent interview. Northern piss-taking aside, it is an excellent track that hits the sweet spot between the heavy doom of Icon and the goth of Draconian Times. The combo of lead guitar and grinding riff in the chorus section is especially killer. Apart from Sweetness, the EP isn’t much to write home about, but the inclusion of “the greatest song ever written” makes it essential.

7 thoughts on “Paradise Lost – Sweetness”

  1. The band went through changes in style. Correct?
    What album would be a good place to start? I prefer cleaner vocals but have been known to listen to a death song. Mostly with another metal genre mixed in though.

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      1. I am getting an Iommi guitar tone on Shades Of God. I might add that to the list too.

        How diverse is a band that can be Sabbathy, Black Metal, Metallica and Depeche Mode?

        They must have both lost and gained fans with every album.

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