Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Knife-Edge

“Loaded down with your talents”

If there was a Venn diagram of classical music, progressive rock and metal, you’d find Emerson, Lake And Palmer’s Knife-Edge bang in the centre. Taken from the band’s 1970 debut this is dark, heavy stuff with a huge, ominous riff. The formidable British trio rearrange pieces from Janáček and Bach into a stonking Hammond organ bludgeon that is surely what the composers had in mind all along. As a young metal fan this was one of the key gateway tracks that introduced me to the rich, crazy world of prog and it’s still one of my favourite songs of the genre.

7 thoughts on “Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Knife-Edge”

  1. The first record I bought with my own dough. Still stands up for me. This song is killer. Sent me off into a whole bunch of new bands . I was a young CB when I was digging this. I had a buddy who was a drummer and Palmer was his hero. I got my haircut mullet style like Emerson. Good one HMO. Love when they hit the heavy button at 358.


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